Trail Mix on Everything!

I had been craving trail mix for a while and I finally picked some up this weekend. The bad news is, once I have trail mix I find an excuse to put it on everything!

Like this afternoon when I made some snackage – watermelon topped with trail mix.  I’m just getting started with new trail mix topped creations!!!IMG_8068

I have always loved Dr.Praeger’s veggie burgers, but stopped buying them a while back because they don’t have much protein. But, I really like them so I decided to get what I like! Yum!IMG_8074

I also ate too many some Sweet Potato chips with dinner. I wish I could blame it on Ben, but he hasn’t had one chip and they are fading fast!IMG_8077

Now I’m searching the cabinets for more things to put my trail mix on! Love it.


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    I. Love. Sweet potato chips. OMG. They’re too good. And my husband doesn’t like them either. It’s kind of depressing when I get to the bottom of a bag in three days and he hasn’t had one chip!

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    I’m with Angela! I can’t buy it or I eat the entire bag in one day! But, of course, I’m only human and every once in a while, I buy a bag and quickly remember why it was a bad idea! :)

    And I LOVE sweet potato chips but I can never find them anywhere for some reason. What store did you get yours from?

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    im making a trail mix to bring to the airport with me next week. (im flying to madison for Julie’s wedding!)

    im determined to not spend any extra money at the airport – so dinner and snacks in my carry on will have to do :) any suggestions of what else to bring?

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