Never Passed a Bar


I usually only drink a few times a month. Don’t let my drunken dance this weekend fool you, I’m only like this on “special occasions”. Okay, In certain cities, (hint) it may be true that I never pass up a drink… But most of the time I don’t partake in the evening glass of wine ;) But – I try to make it a habit to NEVER pass a  Salad Bar! So today I hit up a local … [Read more...]

Lunch Time???


I woke up crazy early this morning when Ben woke up for work, like 4am early. After he left I went back to sleep for a bit and then got up and checked email (which I am super drowning in). By the time I left for my run I had been up too long and suddenly got SUPER HUNGRY at mile 3. At that point I was a mile away from home so I turned around and headed back. I wanted to do … [Read more...]

Who Would You Bang?


Our dinner conversation tonight went something like this… Me: “What is your favorite lunch? …Because today my first thought was a turkey sandwich, apple, chips and a chocolate chips cookie… but I don’t even eat turkey! Random, huh?” Ben: “(some random lunch answer)” Me: “What about on sourdough?!” Ben: “This is like your version of ‘Who would you rather bang?’… Janet Reno … [Read more...]