The Whole Package

There are many foods where you eat The Whole Package….

frozen meals, for example – especially Kashi ones

IMG 8143 thumb The Whole Package


This package of Spinach Dip wasn’t meant to be eaten in it’s entirety in one sitting, but I like a challenge icon smile The Whole Package

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud? IMG 8144 thumb The Whole Package

I ate the whole “package” of chocolate syrup, but in my defense it was over the last few months. So, I don’t think that counts.IMG 8146 thumb The Whole Package


Individually wrapped cookies take the fun out of eating The Whole Package icon sad The Whole Package

Unless it’s a really good cookie I guess icon smile The Whole Package

IMG 7898 thumb The Whole Package

When I think of The Whole Package I think of chips…

No, I take that back. I think of Ben icon smile The Whole Package He is the whole package and I love him.DSCN0612 thumb The Whole Package

He is smart,DSCN0101 thumb1 The Whole Package

Okay, that pic doesn’t prove he is smart, but maybe this mug I always use from his Alma Mater counts for something? IMG 7972 thumb The Whole Package 

and he’s funny, DSCN9875 thumb The Whole Package

big and strong

053 thumb The Whole Package

and goes on adventures with me icon smile The Whole Package DSCN0808 thumb The Whole Package

What’s you idea of The Whole Package?

Food, person, something else?


  1. says

    My husband is also my idea of the whole package. He is amazing.

    I don’t know if I actually eat anything though where I eat the whole thing at once. Maybe a piece of fruit? But not bananas, I always save a bite for my hubby. =)

  2. Alyssa says

    I agree that my husband is the whole package! My reason is a little different though – I feel like he is the perfect opposite of me! Where I stress over every little detail, he is relaxed, I’m good at reading, he’s good at math, I am introverted, he is outgoing, etc etc. Somehow we make the perfect package and keep each other sane!

  3. says

    Ben went to Princeton? I’ve seen that mug several times on your blog (I’ve been reading for months, but with a reader) and wondered if you or he had gone there. That’s so cool! I’m going to be a freshman in the fall! What did he major in?

    Oh, and that Kashi meal looks really good…is it Chana Masala?

  4. says

    so cute!

    and i love that your first instinct with the mt. rushmore photo was that it showed he was smart – it does a little. at least that he appreciates other smart men? perhaps? maybe?

    its a reach, isnt it?

  5. says

    i aspire to become “the whole package,” whatever that might be. :)

    i’m totally guilty of eating entire packages of candies. and i can sit there with hummus or spinach dip and just finish it off.

  6. says

    My husband is definitely the whole package for me. He’s smart , sexy, funny, patient, ridiculously fast while making running look easy, supports me no matter what crazy idea I get, and when he’s not available for adventure he encourages me to go with my girlfriends. I guess I’ll keep him. :)

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  15. says

    Awww! How sweet. My fiance is the whole package too. He’s handsome, funny, sweet, and most importantly very goofy, which was definitely a qualifier. I need someone as goofy as me so I don’t feel like a weirdo all the time.

  16. says

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