I got major crabs on the blog today. Major. Watch and learn…

My friend Lisa is visiting from California! So, today Kristin and I took her to Annapolis. DSC00531 thumb Crabs

But, first I had to bring her a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. She has never had DD before! I gladly introduced her to their amazing coffee and had a donut for myself icon smile CrabsIMG 8175 thumb Crabs DSC00521 thumb Crabs

After enjoying my donut and iced coffee we headed to Maryland’s capitol. Annapolis is a super cute area with a ton of old buildings and history and quaint Main St.IMG 8192 thumb Crabs

We did an audio walking tour to get some historical information on area. The buildings just seem to have so much personality here.  DSC00527 thumb Crabs

IMG 8190 thumb Crabs

The day was gorgeous! I’m glad the weather was cooperative for Lisa. IMG 8181 thumb Crabs

We hit up a restaurant with outdoor seating for lunch. I got a great crab salad. I love when salads come with fruit!IMG 8201 thumb Crabs

Kristin got a shrimp salad wrap that was amazing. I even heard someone at another table say, “That was the best shrimp salad I have ever had!” I’m convinced this is the best shrimp salad now. And I stole fries…IMG 8202 thumb Crabs

We also hit up a cupcake shop. It was tempting, but I knew I was going to have a lot of desserts at the party later, so I just took a bite of Lisa’s and Kristin’s.

In hindsight this was my best decision of the day since I was extremely indulgent today. **I want extra credit for the fact that I have never been to a cupcake shop before and didn’t get one “just because”. IMG 8194 thumb Crabs

We passed by this store, but didn’t have time to go in. Boo. I’ve got to go back now! IMG 8198 thumb Crabs

We only spent a few hours in Annapolis because we had to get back to Kristin & Matt’s for CRAB FEST 2010!!!IMG 8222 thumb Crabs

This was a completely new experience for me. You buy a bushel of crabs from a local market and they come steamed in Old Bay. IMG 8223 thumb Crabs

Then, you cover a table outside with paper, throw crabs on it and hack away! IMG 8216 thumb Crabs

It’s good that you can just throw the table cover and everything else away in one swoop because eating crabs make a mess! IMG 8225 thumb Crabs

IMG 8226 thumb Crabs

Lisa and I had never eaten crab like this before so we needed a lesson from the native New Englanders.IMG 8218 thumb Crabs

I think it’s fun to eat food that requires a “tool”. But it is a lot of work!IMG 8232 thumb Crabs

We also had the biggest spread of desserts and side dishes. Good thing today is my free day!

IMG 8215 thumb Crabs

Last Sunday was Kristin’s birthday so we celebrated it today. I bought a bunch of Abby Cadaby stuff to be festive icon smile Crabs IMG 8211 thumb Crabs

I think eating off a fun birthday plate makes the food taste better!IMG 8235 thumb Crabs Can that be my excuse for going back for more? IMG 8220 thumb Crabs

Plus a Red Velvet  cake with cream cheese frosting!

IMG 8208 thumb Crabs

I had some of each dessert. It’s hard to turn down good dessert!IMG 8236 thumb Crabs

Now we are all partaking in adult beverages and hanging out. Good times. IMG 8210 thumb Crabs

Okay, now I am going to drink myself silly and have girl talk with Lisa.IMG 8204 400x266 Crabs

Stay tuned for a fun day in DC tomorrow icon smile Crabs


  1. says

    wow what a great day! so much good food, drinks and people :) and i’ve never had crabs…of any variety hah but i think that eating foods that require a tool are wayyyy too much work for me!

  2. says

    I’ve lived in MD almost my entire life and visited Annapolis twice. It’s such a cute town–I always forget about it but that’s a fantastic summer day trip.

  3. says

    How is your “free day” working for you? Mine was today and I went to town. I really do feel gross, but it gets it all out of my system and it is easier for me to say no to treats during the week. Is it affecting your weight loss at all? Just curious.

  4. Jesse says

    Wow Girl, I know you have said on the blog that you really miss Cali, I would too if I moved away, but that crab looks amazing and you are sooo lucky to live by such great seafood! :)

  5. says

    What a fun day! I’m impressed with your restraint in the cupcake shop.

    It’s raining in DC this morning; hopefully that won’t deter your plans too much.

  6. sally says

    I went to school in Annapolis (Accrapolis, as we called it, being stuck there, guess which school it was!) and I miss it every day. Nothing like just walking out into town with your friends! Looks like ya’ll went to Federal House, I am guessing because I think that is the Dockstreet coffee window and I used to study there on weekends. And don’t worry you did not miss out on the Annapolis running store it is very overpriced.

  7. says

    I love crab meat!! BTW, good job on not getting one of those cupcakes…you can just view it as something that was overpriced and not worth it. lol

  8. Reba says

    FYI on the post about needing a hardshell crab eating tutor. You must be new to the area b/c Marylanders are the crab experts and Eastern Maryland is known as the hardshell capital of the USA. New England doesn’t even produce crabs. NE is the lobster capital of the USA. Different waters. Enjoy them crabz!

  9. says

    The first time I ever ate crabs that way was in Maryland. My fiance’s parents are from the NC coast so we have them all the time now when we visit. But we don’t buy them, we throw out crab pots off their dock and catch them. It’s great fun…b/c I don’t actually engage in any of it besides the eating part. :)

    And you totally do get extra credit for turning down a cupcake – they look amazing!

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