RER’s Dating Tips


As I was eating my lunch today I thought of one of my top dating tips: Dating Tip #1: Don’t Order Salad on a Date Not because a man wants a girl who can eat – I hate that even being said. No, don’t order a salad because you cannot shovel  forkfuls of lettuce into your mouth gracefully… Dating Tip #2:  Don’t eat garlic or onions *Even if that garlic is  … [Read more...]

Bowl full of Wonderful


Today I took a cue from Janetha and had a Vitatop with Greek Yogurt and Almond Butter for Breakfast. Um, this might be the tastiest healthy concoction ever. Ever. I sweeten my yogurt with stevia because I’ve regressed in my attempts to cut back on sweeteners. But, I’m not mad at me. My “Moves” for today will be a KB class at the gym. Oh, and I randomly made chocolate … [Read more...]