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After a three hour drive after work yesterday Ben and I made it to Princeton for "Reunions”. The drive went by a lot faster than we thought it would and we only made one pee/french fry stop 😉


Princeton University has “Reunions” every year. There are numerous events for alumni to comeback and enjoy. The most popular of these events are the beer tents – the campus is covered with tents dedicated to a certain year or set of years.

This area was super cute because the people from this class were dancing and having such a blast to jazz music. One lady walked up to me and said, “You too can look like this in 40 years…” and then stumbled away. Classic.


These areas have food, a dance floor and the beer and wine are flowing! Everyone hangs out and has a good time and you can go from tent to tent partying it up.IMG_8428

After dinner and dessert at Ben’s classes’ tent we hit up a local ice cream place. IMG_8432

I didn’t even want any after my dessert plate, but I took a sample and couldn’t resist. The best dark chocolate sorbet of your life. IMG_8434

It was a gorgeous night and we enjoyed our ice cream on the grass outside.IMG_8435

Then, it was time for more drinks!

Fun fact #1: Every Princeton class has signature jackets that they wear to these reunions. They are all different (I believe designed by someone in the class.).


I stole Jon’s 2009 jacket when I got cold.IMG_8439

Fun fact #2: Princeton doesn’t have fraternities or sororities – they have “Eating Clubs”. (Tell me you don’t like the sound of that?!)IMG_8444 IMG_8443

Students sign up for a certain Eating Club and this is where they eat (instead of a meal plan) and DRINK. The emphasis seems to be on drinking, as there is always beer on tap at these clubs. IMG_8440 IMG_8441

We stayed out very late and I finally convinced Ben to pack it in and go to the hotel. I didn’t get in bed until around 3am. Then, this morning I had a 5K to run. I’d like to call this race: Three miles after Three hours (of sleep)

When my alarm went off this morning I thought it was a dream. I considered just shutting it off and going back to sleep, but I really want to try and run a race in a few different states before we move. IMG_8449

So, there I went to the race… when I got there a race official told me I was early and I should go get a cup of coffee. Did I mention it was the first annual running of this race and it is super small?

When it was time to register it started raining and I had to protection from the rain.

If you’re keeping score:

– 3 hours of sleep

– 3.1 miles to run

– 2 wet shoes

– 1 very tired and wet blogger


Anyways, I stuck it out. I ran the race at an okay time considering the circumstances and we’ll leave it at that 😉

After the race I grabbed a fancy Princeton water and a banana. Does drinking Princeton water make me smarter? One can only hope. IMG_8451

When I got back I grabbed some food from the breakfast buffet at the hotel, took a shower and took a nap. (The bacon is Ben’s obviously.)IMG_8456

I just woke up hungry and scarfed down this Justin’s Maple Almond Butter packet on my banana. Um, I think this nut butter changed my life. It is AMAZING. Like, amazing to the point where I almost choked myself trying to suck out all the almond butter scraps from the package. I would not have died in vain. IMG_8458

Today is another round of beer tents, buffet food and hanging out. Princeton is for real. Ben and his friends slept in while I was running so when I got back they ditched me and are already back on campus. I’ve gotta get moving to catch up with them!

See ya later!

PS – I kinda feel like this blog is an Eating Club. Anyone want to join? I need to make t-shirts…


  1. says

    I’m definitely not smart enough for Princeton, but an Eating Club is something I could most definitely handle.
    I’m impressed that you got up and ran this morning.
    I hope the rest of your weekend is a blast!

  2. says

    Hey, you look really cute in those photos(haha, the top ones, at least)!

    Was your husband a 2009? We would be on the same reunion cycle b/c I’m going to be a ’14. Tell him one of your readers says “Hi”

    I hope I’ll get into an eating club–If I can’t, I will most certainly join yours :)

  3. says

    I had no idea dark chocolate sorbet even existed. Weird. Eating clubs sound fun. The dining hall at my school sucks and so do the frats. Ugh. We’re all nerdy bookworms with no time for fun, lol.

    Hope you’re having lots of fun!

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