Lunch Time???


I woke up crazy early this morning when Ben woke up for work, like 4am early. After he left I went back to sleep for a bit and then got up and checked email (which I am super drowning in). By the time I left for my run I had been up too long and suddenly got SUPER HUNGRY at mile 3. At that point I was a mile away from home so I turned around and headed back. I wanted to do … [Read more...]

Who Would You Bang?


Our dinner conversation tonight went something like this… Me: “What is your favorite lunch? …Because today my first thought was a turkey sandwich, apple, chips and a chocolate chips cookie… but I don’t even eat turkey! Random, huh?” Ben: “(some random lunch answer)” Me: “What about on sourdough?!” Ben: “This is like your version of ‘Who would you rather bang?’… Janet Reno … [Read more...]

Waffle Sandwich Wednesday


I love Waffle Wednesday! Actually, I just love waffles! I have been waiting for my naners to be ripe so I can make this beautiful Waffle Sandwich. I put Almond Butter, Banana and some syrup between two toaster waffles for this glorious sandwich. Yum! Unfortunately, my waffle sandwich didn’t show me much love because I was hungry an hour later.  I broke into my … [Read more...]

Pasta Craving


I have been craving pasta for a week now and finally had the chance to make it tonight. Spaghetti with meat sauce was one of my favorite things my mom used to make. We would have it almost once a week. She would make it with beef or turkey, but I am using a veggie option. I gathered my goods – pasta, “meat” crumbles and pasta sauce. First I sautéed chopped onion, minced garlic … [Read more...]

If It’s in the Chest…


I’m still fighting off the KTD (kissing transmitted disease) Ben gave me. I feel a lot better, but still have a lot of congestion. I want to run, but I remember the good advice Glenn Jones gave me in the past - “If it’s in the chest you must rest.” But, I also remembered that I don’t listen to anyone but my damn self so I ran 4.5 miles super slow today. I needed to get out … [Read more...]

Trail Mix on Everything!


I had been craving trail mix for a while and I finally picked some up this weekend. The bad news is, once I have trail mix I find an excuse to put it on everything! Like this afternoon when I made some snackage – watermelon topped with trail mix.  I’m just getting started with new trail mix topped creations!!! I have always loved Dr.Praeger’s veggie burgers, but … [Read more...]

Taco Salad Wrap


I was going to make another taco salad for lunch today, but I was craving a sandwich too. So, I decided a wrap would give me that sandwich “bite” while letting me stuff it full of taco salad veggies – the best of both worlds! I piled lettuce, salsa, mushrooms, sprouts beans and guac on a wrap. Then, wrapped it up and dipped it in more guacamole! Love it! This morning … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Sunday


I was planning on making this for Mexican Meatless Monday, but I couldn’t resist the open guacamole in my fridge and knew it was now or never! Tonight I made massive Taco Salads for dinner. In the bowl – lettuce (sorry, I know it’s nutritionally lacking, but taco salads call for ice burg), tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, cilantro, mushrooms, cucumbers, sprouts, beans, … [Read more...]

Wine In The Woods Recap


Hello and Happy Day to you! I was missing in action yesterday because I went to Wine in the Woods, a big wine tasting event in Columbia, MD. And I partook in perhaps, a few too many tastings and was forced to take the night off. But I had a blast! Actually, it seems everyone was having a blast because this place was packed. Wine, great weather, greasy food booths with funnel … [Read more...]

Friday Night is Pizza Night


It’s all about balance right? Yes. (I’m answering my own question because I can’t hear you.) Today I balanced veggies… with Pizza. (This is Ben’s slice because I took a bite of mine already and am embarrassed. ) Today I balanced work with a walk. This week was crazy and I really needed to de-stress and “walk it off”. Before my walk I balanced handfuls of chocolate chips … [Read more...]

Breakfast Hot Dog


I really wanted to come up with a funny title referencing wieners for breakfast, but lucky for you, it’s early and I am a lady have to get to work! I did this a year ago after being inspired by Kath. This is a great meal for kids of all ages because it’s fun to eat and delicious. Messy, but delicious! Breakfast Hot Dog: whole wheat hot dog bun banana ketchup jam mustard … [Read more...]

The New Elote Man


I’ve mentioned it before, but Pico has the Elote Man (and this is why Pico is better than most places). The elote man pushes a shopping cart around honking a horn to tell you he’s in the neighborhood. The shopping cart holds a huge pan with corn. He puts it on a stick and slathers on butter, mayo, parm cheese and chile. For a dollar (okay, now it’s two dollars, but worth every … [Read more...]

As Blog Is My Witness…


As blog is my witness I will enjoy more meals outside at a leisurely pace…  instead of at my desk (like when I’m downing iced coffee and random handfuls of cereal). As blog is my witness I will sign up for 2 half marathons and a full marathon to run this year. So I can hit my goal of breaking the 4 hour mark! Given the above goal, as blog is my witness I will start a … [Read more...]

Pretzel Sandwich


Dinner was based on this lovely pretzel roll I had. I actually bought it for Ben, but he said he didn’t like it. What is wrong with him?! Anyways, I made a massive hummus sandwich with mushrooms and sprouts. It may have been dipped in more hummus ;) Bread makes a sandwich. This afternoon I had some fruit and oatmeal for a snack. These oatmeal packets were on sale recently. … [Read more...]

Dirty not Sweaty


This morning I took a STRIKE class at the gym. It’s like Kickboxing with a light bar. Unfortunately, the class was not a good work out and I didn’t get my heart rate up or get sweaty. Boo. I hate feeling like I am wasting time in a class. I didn’t wake up at 5am to just stand around with my chonies on my head! Now that I’ve tried a few different classes and … [Read more...]

All that Zazz


I am obsessed with seltzer. Like, imagine how it feels to be obsessed with something and then multiply it by five million and you are halfway to how obsessed I am. Fact. Anyways, one of my favorite seltzers is Zazz because it’s cheap and comes in a few flavors. The only negative about Zazz is their cardboard containers have broken on me twice. One time soda cans went flying … [Read more...]