Job Interviews


I am coming to you after lunch because I had a job interview this morning and have been busy until just now :) After my alarm went off I helped get Ben out the door for his first day of work, then I ran a short 3 miler and got ready for my interview. I actually have another interview scheduled for tomorrow too. Wish me luck please! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but … [Read more...]

Movie Snacks


Thank you all for your well wishes with my move. I really appreciate it! I had the best of intentions with my snacks today, but I caved. I brought cherries to the movies… (Since I was driving I asked Ben to take a picture of the cherries. So you get eating while driving pics. ) but ended up digging into the popcorn anyways. My powers are useless against … [Read more...]

Flat Ass Run


I rocked the heck out of my run today. I’d like to credit the California smog air, but I know it’s really because it is so flat here. Flat routes = fast runs! We ended up stayed awake super late last night hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. They picked us up from the airport around 10:30pm and we had catching up to do! Ben and I finally went to bed around 2am … [Read more...]

California Here I Come…


“Right back where I started from….” Ben and I joke that I am a lot like Lucy from “I Love Lucy”. I have red hair, am pretty loud and am constantly coming up with new crazy ideas. It’s true. But that’s why you guys stick around right? All day long I’ve been singing “California here I come, right back where I started from…” But those are the only words I know, so it’s on … [Read more...]

One More Maryland Run


Today was all about wrapping things up and getting out of town. We slept in our empty apartment and I woke up bright and early for a run. I was determined to get in one last run on my favorite path. I went slow and easy for a few miles since I felt a little jacked up from sleeping on the floor. Then, I threw together a quick breakfast, blogged and headed to one last … [Read more...]

“See Ya Later…”


Yesterday was one of the most draining days I’ve had in a long time. Moving is like running a marathon because it’s a ton of physical work, the build up is very stressful and when it’s over you’re both relieved and a little sad. I woke up early Sunday morning because the movers were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 9 am. Ben and I were pretty much ready to go except we had to … [Read more...]

Moving Fuel


Today was the last crunch before the movers come tomorrow morning. Ben and I still had a lot to do since we couldn’t pack a lot of stuff we were still using. I attempted to wake up a little early to get in a run before packing. I ended up doing 10 miles with some walk breaks. The hills were bothering my knees today :( When I got home I made a smoothie before anything else. I … [Read more...]

Crystal Light Slurpees


One of the best thing about summer is Slurpees! To clarify – Crystal Light Slurpees. I love them and love that I’m not downing hundreds of calories on a drink (just chemicals, but whatev).   My big Slurpee. I didn’t get brain freeze even though I downed this so fast! It was hot and this was lovely. I picked up Ben from his last day at this job and we went for a … [Read more...]

Farewell Pharad


Hello and Happy Friday! This morning I hit up my last Friday KB class with my favorite instructor :( I am on a serious mission to find a similar class in CA – or start teaching one!!! Right after KB I rushed home to shower and get ready for Ben’s farewell lunch. It’s difficult to find something decent to wear when you’re living out of a suitcase and you already packed your … [Read more...]

Burger without the Patty


This morning I took Ben to work (he sold his car yesterday) and then hit up the gym. It was a pretty rushed day, thus I am just now stopping by to say “Hello!”. I threw together a bowl of wonderful – Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Vitatop, Pepita Butter and Peanut Butter. This is one of the best healthy creations ever (and ever is a long time).   Even though I made a great … [Read more...]

A Good Cry


Why is it called “A Good Cry”? Can a cry really be good? I mean, crying is usually a bad thing (c’mon how often do tears of happiness happen?). I’m normally not a crier, but today was different. Randomly, I turned on the TV this afternoon and saw it was halfway through a Grey’s Anatomy episode. More specifically, it was the episode where Denny dies. I was super into that … [Read more...]

The Run that turned on me


Today’s run turned on me. It turned hot too fast, it turned hard to soon and ultimately my run turned into a walk :( I blame the fact that after I woke up I spent two hours on the computer and lagged on getting out the door. Totally my fault and it messed up my entire workout. I think I ended up doing 4 miles, maybe? I used to be great about waking up and getting out the door … [Read more...]

Motivate Yourself to Workout


I did not want to go to the gym today. I am a morning workout kinda girl all the way, but Kick Boxing is only offered in the morning twice a week. The rest of the days it is in the evening. Boo. I have avoided evening classes for the most part because I hate working out after 10am. But I really wanted to get in an extra KB class before we leave. Yet, I was still not motivated … [Read more...]

Trigger Foods


Before my easy four miler this morning I had a few handfuls of Shredded Oats. I love this cereal, but it’s too easy for me to grab handfuls throughout the day without realizing how they’re adding up (more on this below). When I got back I couldn’t decide on breakfast. I have a lot of stuff I need to eat before we move, but what I really wanted was the one thing I don’t have – … [Read more...]

Measuring dishes


Q: Who needs dishes when you have measuring cups? A: Me. Because the following pictures are embarrassing… I had cereal as an afternoon snack today :) It was a mix of random cereals in soymilk. But, it actually looked like this because I packed up my favorite bowls :( Figuring out how and when to pack everything so it times up perfectly is not going to happen … [Read more...]

Anniversary Gifts and Thai Dinner with Friends


Ben and I don’t exchange presents. Anytime there is a usual gift giving event like birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas we usually opt to go on a trip (or we’re paying money to visit family out of state). (Random fact: I have actually never been a big fan of birthday gifts since I don’t think living for another year means people should give me stuff.) Since the first year … [Read more...]