I’m going going back back…

The other night Ben and I celebrated with champagne, but didn’t announce what the celebration was for. Well, I can finally say that I am going back to Cali…


Ben and I are moving back to California around June 28th!

After a year filled with many highs, lows, new jobs, new friends, snow storms and tons of new experiences we will be leaving Maryland the end of this month and heading West.

Ben found a job in Orange County (and now I need to find one there too!!). In addition to the job search, I am organizing our cross country move. If anyone has any good suggestions on how to get all our crap from MD to CA on the cheap please chime in :)

So once again my life is going to be crazy the next four weeks…

– This weekend I am heading to Philadelphia for a blogger event

– Sunday through Tuesday I will be in Florida

– Get back to MD and coordinate moving cross country for the second time in under a year

I will be canceling my upcoming CA trip because of the move, so at least it’s one less thing.

All the stress of figuring out this move for as little money as possible, plus giving our apartment notice (=$$$) has me on edge. Unfortunately, I’ve been eating to much because of that. But, now I feel a little more organized and under control. Let the craziness begin!

Run – This morning I did 6 miles to clear my head. I really needed that.

Breakfast – Same as yesterday, smoothie and bagel with AB. I am in love with this right now.IMG_8518

It feels great to actually share my good news with you guys :)

Hope you’re having a good little week too!


  1. says

    Congrats on Cali!! You should use a POD… you pack your crap and then they move it to your new place for you. We used it when moving to NC – it was waiting in the driveway for us when we finally moved in!

  2. says

    YAY cali!!!!!! will you be at long beach marathon in october possibly??? thats the next time i will be in so-cal, would love to meet up!

  3. says

    Congrats! That is really wonderful that you are moving back to the sunshine and west coast! I am sure you will be much happier and relaxed. I am doing the movev across country this summer as well but driving since it turned out to be the cheapest option for me. I second the PODS idea but whatever path you go through, make sure to research the company’s reviews. Good luck!

  4. says

    So jealous!!! I am counting down the 2 years we still have left in CT until we go back.

    We drove out here in a Budget truck. I’ve heard that PODS can be good, but I think they are pretty expensive.

    Let me know what you find out! I’ll be moving in 2 years!!

  5. says

    Congratulations! I hope find a job for yourself will prove to be easy.
    Moving is exciting and stresful all at the same time. I’ve heard good things about PODS, but don’t have any first hand experience.
    Good luck with all the details; I hope you managed to stay sane throughout it all.

    Best wishes.

  6. Dynamics says

    This may sound silly but it lightens the load. You can ship your books through the USPS “Book Rate” for cheap. Takes forever to get to the destination but the price is great. We used this method when we shipped my daughters books home from college.

  7. says

    Congrats!!! I’m totally jealous because I would love to move back to my home state of Texas to be closer to family, but that’s not the cards for my husband and I right now! I’m really happy for you though! Awesome news! :)

  8. says

    Congratulations! Hm, maybe you could audition for Real Housewives of Orange County? They need new ladies, and since you can read, write and have a nice personality, you’d be something new and different on that show! Haha.

  9. Jessica says

    congrats! after following you for sometime, i know that you will be happier in California. best of luck!

  10. ida says

    yay!! i know you’re so happy to be going back. i’ve heard pods are a good price too. good luck on all the moving details. just know that in 4 weeks you’ll be running on the beach!

  11. says

    Wow that is awesome that you are moving to CA. Good luck on the job search. On moving cheaply, you could move yourself with a giant Uhaul. IT is a huge pain the butt. Make sure you get a good moving company and check your inventory when they pick up and drop off. I lost a TV that way!! Also get good amount of insurance on your stuff because the last company I used destroyed a few things.

  12. says

    When I moved from VA to Vegas I put all my stuff in a pod. It was great! I can’t remember the moving company I used – it was 3 initials like AFP or something but they were much cheaper than the other guys. I’ve drove across country 4 times and this last time I went south across the 10. We stopped in New Orleans (outta the way but worth it!), San Antonio, Phoenix (friends), Grand Canyon and finally made it to Vegas. Best cross country trip! Good luck to you on your move and remember to relax! Everything always works out as it should!

  13. Ashley C says

    Yay!! You will be so happy to be back, it really makes the world of difference. I lived in CA for 6 years, moved to North Carolina– hated it— moved back and I am soooo much happier. :-) Congrats that is so exciting but I know how stressful it can be too! Just hang in there and you will be out here soon!

  14. Amanda says

    Thats so exciting! I had a feeling thats what you were celebrating : ) Never thought you’d have to make ANOTHER trip cross country eh? Hang in there! It will be over before you know it!

  15. says

    Welcome back! Since I was born, raised, went to school, got married, had kids, etc. etc. here I don’t have any tips on moving on the cheap. Dang it!

  16. Tina Dole says

    This was really cool. I actually have a question for you. Do you have any recommendations of where to find an auto repair shop? My husband needs to get his car looked at and we don’t know where to go.

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