Harvest Time


I am typing this post on a train. Isn’t that weird? I have blogged in all different kinds of places, but never a train. Yes, I’ve blogged on a plane, I’ve also blogged while in pain (post marathon). I have blogged in a house…. Okay, I’ll spare you the rest :) Before I left I had some Amazing Grass in a “to-go” bottle. Train trips are very different from flying. I just got my … [Read more...]

Sweat Session


I bring the term “sweat session” to a whole new level when I run in humidity. I think my body was just made for dry heat because humidity makes me sweat gush water at an alarming rate. I’m embarrassed as I run by people flinging sweat to and fro :( Word of advice: If you see me running toward you cross to the other side of the street. It’s gross. I didn’t capture it well on … [Read more...]

All in a Bowl


At first I though my dinner had all the food groups, but then I realized the government’s food pyramid is bullshit and my food groups are better anyways. My Five Food Groups: 1. Carbs – mostly whole grains, includes sweet potatoes and popcorn 2. Fruit & Veggies - lots 3. Protein & Dairy (I treat these the same and take a calcium supplement when I remember) 4. … [Read more...]