All in a Bowl

At first I though my dinner had all the food groups, but then I realized the government’s food pyramid is bullshit and my food groups are better anyways.foodpyramid thumb All in a Bowl

My Five Food Groups:

1. Carbs – mostly whole grains, includes sweet potatoes and popcorn

2. Fruit & Veggies – lots

3. Protein & Dairy (I treat these the same and take a calcium supplement when I remember)

4. Fats, oils and sweets

5. Happiness

I need to eat something that brings me happiness each day or I get sick in the head. My dinner hit all my bases to my liking….

Sweet potato topped with cottage cheese and almond butter, brussel sprouts… Um, sweet potatoes and brussels are two of my fave foods, ever. Put them together in one bowl and I am a very happy girl. IMG 8550 thumb All in a Bowl

I think my expectations were a little too high for this dish so I added some stevia to sweeten it up a bit. Then, it was perfect. You will be seeing this very very often. IMG 8545 thumb All in a Bowl

Plus fruit for a sweet ending icon smile All in a Bowl

IMG 8551 thumb All in a Bowl


This afternoon I had some trail mix plus extra with almond milk. I also grabbed a SB bar on the way to get my nails done. I love cashews!IMG 8541 thumb All in a Bowl 

I finally got a camera case today so I can lug around my big camera with me everywhere. I haven’t been taking pictures of so much stuff because I don’t have a little camera and haven’t been bringing my big lug with me icon smile All in a Bowl IMG 8531 thumb All in a Bowl

Now I must pack for my trip tomorrow. I’m going straight from Philly to Florida and have to pack for both in one carry on. We’ll see how that turns out.


  1. says

    Sweet potato and brussel sprouts are two of my favourite foods ever! I haven’t been able to find brussel sprouts fresh around my local produce market for the past few weeks and have been craving them!

  2. says

    Happiness is definitely a food group! This is why I love your blog!

    A belated congratulations on your move :) I’m really happy for you!

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