Harvest Time

I am typing this post on a train. Isn’t that weird? I have blogged in all different kinds of places, but never a train. Yes, I’ve blogged on a plane, I’ve also blogged while in pain (post marathon). I have blogged in a house…. Okay, I’ll spare you the rest :)

Before I left I had some Amazing Grass in a “to-go” bottle.IMG_8568

Train trips are very different from flying. I just got my ticket and hung out outside. No security, no Sbarro, no AC filled terminals to peruse….IMG_8572

I brought my lunch, but it was way too messy to unwrap and show you. The egg scramble wrap I made was leaking before I even took it out of the bag. I decided to wait and eat it on the train since I didn’t want to get my hands nasty just yet.IMG_8569

I did break into my yogurt and granola though. IMG_8571

Well, Monica “perfect timing” Olivas was mid-wrap when the ticket taker came through and I caused quite a scene trying to clean myself off enough to reach in my book and give it to him.

Then, I had to sign it. Let’s just say he is now the proud owner of a ketchup & salsa covered pen. Sorry ticket man :( He was not amused.

It’s weird because this train adventure seems very similar to being on a plane….IMG_8578

until you look outside. Damn we’re flying really low to the ground! IMG_8576

I don’t think I’ve explained my reason for going to Philly! New Harvest is a new Omega 3 supplement company. But these aren’t your average Omega 3s – these ones are  vegetarian!

The company has invited myself and seven other bloggers to come learn about the company, the supplements, fatty acids and a ton of other interesting and healthful information :)

I will be blogging through the weekend, so please stop in and leave questions in the comments if you have one. If you get me the questions while I am with the NH reps I can get you answers faster.

See you in Philadelphia!!!


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    I have only ridden a train once (due to a snow storm that prevented driving) but if I can make a suggestion for the return trip, pack some Bailey’s Irish Cream, order a coffee, and spring for business class. It will make your trip much more enjoyable. :)

  2. says

    I like trains! About the same amount to time as driving, but no sitting in traffic, free wi-fi, and a scenic route to where ever you are going!

    I have to say smart move on your Amazing Grass in your “to-go” bottle. I took some to go in one of my good Nalgens and then left it in my car for 3 weeks (by mistake) while I was traveling – yeah, bye bye Nalgen. There’s no way to clean that out!

    PS – I got my Magic Bullet To Go yesterday! Super excited to try it out! Many thanks you and Magic Bullet!!!

  3. says

    a) im excited to hear more about these New Harvest Omega 3s!!

    b) i’ve taken the train a lot more in the last year or so, as it’s a nice way to get to the City from Albany without having to pay $100 a day for parking.

    c) the most jealous i’ve ever been of my little sister is when she was taking a train from Fargo, ND through Minnesota, and western wisconsin, to Madison. In the autumn. While the leaves were all at peak. It’s now on my life list.

    d) i also read an article once by one of my favorite authors about her favorite vacations being cross country train rides. I’m not sure I would be able to do it with out going stir crazy, but there is something absolutely romantic about the train, no?

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    Sounds like a fun blogger weekend.
    I once took a train from Oakland, CA to somewhere in Orange County with my mom and sister.
    My neighbors took the train from Virginia to Orlando and they were able to put their minivan on the train so that when they arrived, they wouldn’t have to rent a car. It’s called the “Auto Train.”

    Have fun in Philadelphia!

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    I haven’t been on a train since I was a kid. I’m sure it was an interesting experience! I can’t wait to hear (read) more about New Harvest on the various blogs I’m reading.

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    Were you able to ride on the Acela? I did once from DC to Philly and it was awesome! Just to show you how different it is here on the West Coast, I was supposed to ride the train today from Irvine to San Diego for RnR expo, but the Pacific Surfliner wasn’t running! Figures huh?

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