A Lesson in Omega-3s


Today’s New Harvest events began with breakfast. I love buffet style meals where you can get a little bit of a lot of different things :)  Then, it was time for a lesson in Omega-3s. Wow. The morning conference was very informative. New Harvest is is a new Omega-3 source. In the past Omega-3 supplements were made with fish oil, but this one is completely vegetarian. … [Read more...]

In West Philadelphia…


Hello from Philadelphia! I’m not sure if I’m in west Philadelphia, but I cannot get the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song out of my head… Now you too can have it stuck in your head if you click on this video :) I’m sorry. Or – You’re welcome. We started the New Harvest events with a cocktail reception last night. I hadn’t met any of the other bloggers in person so it was … [Read more...]