Not too shabby


This is where I’m hanging out today…not too shabby, huh. I’m in Marco Island for a few days with Ben’s family. They have been coming every year since Ben was a baby. We’re in southern Florida. It’s June. “It’s hot!” is an understatement. Just saying. Ben’s mom picked up this Kashi cereal for me. This is the one Kashi cereal I have never tried! It is not Kashi Crunch, but … [Read more...]

Philly to Florida


Before I caught my plane from Philadelphia to Florida I went back and grabbed an iced coffee from ABP. I am an “8 hours a night” girl, meaning I need 8 hours of sleep to feel good and have not gotten that for days. I needed this :) On the plane I enjoyed this bag of soy crisps. They were okay tasting, but I love that they have 9 grams of protein in a bag that feels like a … [Read more...]