Not too shabby

This is where I’m hanging out today…not too shabby, huh. IMG_8908

I’m in Marco Island for a few days with Ben’s family. They have been coming every year since Ben was a baby. marco map

We’re in southern Florida. It’s June. “It’s hot!” is an understatement. Just saying.

Ben’s mom picked up this Kashi cereal for me. This is the one Kashi cereal I have never tried! It is not Kashi Crunch, but it’s not too shabby either :)IMG_8899

I went on a VERY HOT and VERY SWEATY 6 mile run this morning. I’m choosing to be positive and just be thankful that I didn’t collapse under the weight of my sweaty clothes and die on the hot Florida sidewalk (dramatic much?).

I mixed my cereal with blueberries, PB topped banana and cottage cheese for extra protein. I really was craving an icy smoothie, but this was a good runner up. Cereal is never shabby in my world 😉IMG_8897

Then, I took a walk on the beach. IMG_8904

The sand here is so nice compared to SoCal sand. It’s so soft and white. IMG_8905

Maybe the one shabby thing about today is I had to smash my hat to get it to fit in my luggage so I am walking around with a broken visor. I’m a little shabby while wearing this, but avoiding skin cancer is not too shabby at all :) IMG_8911

Have a great day!


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    So jealous of the gorg weather! South Florida sunshine = definite need for cover up! I think out of all the places I have visited, its the only place where I have had a sun burn!

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    lol, the visor looks cute =)

    My favorite Kashi cereal is the regular go lean mixed with cinnamon and a little bit of stevia and almond milk. SOOO good!

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    From one redhead to another-yay on the sun protection! My whole olive skinned family is always cracking up over how much 50 spf I put on! Screw it-that hat rocks lol

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    I heart Florida beaches. My fiance fell in love when I visited him in Tampa Florida where we spent a lot of time in St. Petes and Clearwater. Those beaches have a sentimental place in my heart.

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    I heart Marco Island. My friend’s family has a condo there and we’ve taken many a road trip down to hang out for the weekend! Enjoy!!!

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    If additional background would help, then lets say that everything was fine until I recently updated to GEN D3 first release. After I updated, several of my game saves kept getting corrupt and this button swap also occured, so I downgraded back to GEN D2….but the button swapping remains.

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