Philly to Florida

Before I caught my plane from Philadelphia to Florida I went back and grabbed an iced coffee from ABP. I am an “8 hours a night” girl, meaning I need 8 hours of sleep to feel good and have not gotten that for days. I needed this icon smile Philly to Florida

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On the plane I enjoyed this bag of soy crisps. They were okay tasting, but I love that they have 9 grams of protein in a bag that feels like a “fun snack”. Normally my snacks are too carb heavy so that’s a step in the right direction.IMG 8850 thumb Philly to Florida Here is the nutrition information for Soy Crisps – Apple Cinnamon flavor

IMG 8851 thumb Philly to Florida IMG 8852 thumb Philly to Florida

Ben picked me up from the airport and drove me to Marco Island, Florida. It’s over an hour from the airport and I was hungry, plus we needed to stop and pick up some “Monica essentials”, so we hit up Publix.

I got some cherries for instant driving & eating gratification :)  IMG 8855 thumb Philly to Florida

And I got a ton of salad veggies. I am in major need of a detox after the last few days. That may have to wait until I get home, but I was cravings veggies crazy style.

I am also trying to increase my protein intake, so I got this pouch of salmon to put on top of the salad. I usually buy cans of salmon, but this is so much easier and less messy.IMG 8856 thumb Philly to Florida

This is a great way to get good protein in a salad without any work, just open and dump it on top! I use hummus as my salad dressing, which acts like mayo and flavors the salmon and the salad perfectly.

I made my salad in a mixing bowl. I am for real.IMG 8858 thumb Philly to Florida

After I ate we hit up the beach. That water is sooo warm here, it’s borderline hot. This is very different from CA where I don’t go in the water because it’s freezing all the time.IMG 8870 thumb Philly to Florida

Ben’s mom made lasagna for dinner, but I don’t eat meat lasagna so I picked up a veggie one at Publix too. IMG 8861 thumb Philly to Florida

My plate… that bread was probably bathed heavily in butter, but I’d rather ignore that fact and just enjoy the deliciousness of it.IMG 8863 thumb Philly to Florida

Then, it was family picture time. This is a tradition with Ben’s fam icon smile Philly to FloridaIMG 8877 thumb Philly to Florida

After the serious pictures we had some fun. Serious pics are over-rated anyways, right? Okay, maybe not but we had a good time.

This guy (that I married) missed me and was very sweet and happy to see me today icon smile Philly to Florida I like love him a lot <3

IMG 8866 thumb Philly to Florida IMG 8882 thumb Philly to Florida IMG 8890 thumb Philly to Florida

Ben with his nephew Owen, who is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

IMG 8886 thumb Philly to Florida

This one is me, Ben’s two sisters, mom and grandma.  IMG 8892 thumb Philly to Florida

After picture time we lounged in the pool for a long time and just now I am enjoying some cookies and milk. I need to wrap it up and get to sleep soon, I’m fading fast!IMG 8895 thumb Philly to Florida


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    Marco Island! My grandmother used to live there, and I spent weeks there every summer as a kid. Good memories! Enjoy your time at the beach! It is such a shocker being able to go into the water at the beach and have it be PLEASANT! (I´m from Southern California, too.)

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    I am no longer an 8 hour a night girl. I believe stress in the culpurate to that lately. Anyway, the beach looks awesome!! I could use something relaxing like that.

  3. says

    I always hate the “natural flavors” that are in so many foods. Just what are these “flavors” and why do we consider them “natural”?

    I totally need 8+ hours a night. And my body can’t handle caffeine so if I don’t get sleep, it’s only me and my desire to wake myself up!

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