Life is a cup of cherries


Cherry Season is upon us! This is the best time of year :) I eat a lot of cherries. 70% of them do not end up documented on the blog. It’s for the best, trust me. This morning I did another super sweaty six miler. I was sopping, but determined to get some exercise in since I’ve been enjoying the vacation food a little too much. Breakfast – I made an egg scramble topped … [Read more...]

Manatee Monday


Mexican Meatless Mondays will continue next week. If you are really craving vegetarian Mexican food you can make one of the past recipes… Stuffed Peppers Tofu Tacos Mexican Pizza Today I thought I’d profess my love for manatees. I read about manatees when I was a little kid in California and for some reason was mystified. I was determined I needed to “Save the Manatees!” … [Read more...]