Manatee Monday

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Mexican Pizza

Today I thought I’d profess my love for manatees. I read about manatees when I was a little kid in California and for some reason was mystified. I was determined I needed to “Save the Manatees!”

The only problem was I didn’t know what I was “saving” them from? Fail.

two manatees (source)

Nonetheless they still hold a special place in my heart and I really want to see them in the wild (I’ve seen them in aquariums a few times). Every time I visit Florida I hope to see one, but haven’t yet :(

Some day little friend, some day… Manatee with swimmer


One of the great things about this time share is a full kitchen. I have been able to fill up on big salads just like at home.IMG_8918

IMG_8921But, unlike home there are other tempting snacks around like candy and cookies. Oh well. IMG_8927

Plus we enjoyed two “Happy Hours” today. The time share organization had free cocktails at noon and at four. I partook :) IMG_8915

Ben’s sister made fettuccine alfredo for dinner. And now his  mom is making some crumb cake thing that is making the condo smell like Heaven. I might be getting high happy off the fumes :) IMG_8923

And then I did some work on the computer from the terrace.IMG_8928

Nice! IMG_8936

Sadly, we are leaving tomorrow. But I am happy to finally get home. We have a lot to do to organize the move!


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    Next time you’re in Florida you should take a trip to (my hometown) Crystal River, FL the self-professed “Home of the Manatee.” Really! It’s on the sign! Then you can go to Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park and see some manatees. :)

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    I love manatees! When I visit family in Orlando, we always go search for manatees in a nearby river. They’re so peaceful to watch. Not to mention they’re cute!

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    I actually fell in love with manatees when I was a little girl too! I think they need saving because their habitats are threatened because of environmental problems! My favorite accessory as a kid was a hat with manatees on it!

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