Better Short then Sorry!


I had to cut my run very short today because there was what appeared to be a very drunk guy on the path. As I was coming up from behind him I could see him weaving around and flailing his arms as he spoke to himself. He was obviously upset and I didn’t want to encounter him like this. Before that, I saw him at the start of my run sitting with another man. He was holding the … [Read more...]

Caught, Cleaned and Cooked!


My lunch was caught, cleaned and cooked within two hours of eating it! Talk about fresh! Ben’s dad and brother (Jon) caught Snapper, Whiting and Mackerel. I couldn’t tell what kind I ended up with, but either way it was great! Caught Cleaned Cooked! As you may know, I am pescatarian.  I believe eating “mostly plants” is the best thing for your health, but I also … [Read more...]