Friday Kickboxing

I look forward to Friday Kickboxing class each week! This is definitely my favorite group fitness class ever!!!

I only discovered KB a few months ago when I joined my gym and fell in love. I’m studying to become a personal trainer, but what I really want to do is teach kickboxing :) fitness group

These classes are in the usual gym group fitness room. The instructor plays great music and really pumps you up. Most people wear weighted gloves, but there are no boxing gloves or punching bags or anything like that. All you need for a good KB session here is motivating music and your body!

I chatted with the instructor after class and she said she learned everything she knows from taking classes and gave me some tips. She was really encouraging too :)

After KB I had some errands to run. I brought a bar and watermelon as a snack.IMG_9103

One of my stops was a health foods store. I picked up a Kombucha as a treat. I know they have gotten mixed reviews in the blog world, but I really like them! Heck, I better like them for as much as they cost!IMG_9106

Once at home I snacked on some chips and guac while making lunch.  I knew I wanted to pack veggies and protein in this meal because dinner may be out and an egg scramble is a great choice to hit both these bases.

In the mix: onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, chickpeas and spinach. Then, I added the eggs and topped with ketchup and hot sauce. IMG_9109

I am putting guacamole on everything lately!  :) IMG_9113

No fork needed when you eat it “Mexican style” – just tear off some tortilla and grab some eggs. Delicious!


Question: Have you taken classes at the gym?

What’s your favorite one?

Me: I love love love KB, but once I’m back in CA I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a similar class which is why I want to learn how to lead classes myself :)

I also love yoga classes from my yoga studio. I can’t wait to see them again.


  1. says

    I love kickboxing, too.
    My gym offers the Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Attack, Body combat). Body Combat is the “kickboxing” class and I LOVE it.
    I’ve always been a fan of classes at the gym because they’re usually very motivating. The music, the commaradarie (sp?), the energy….i love it all.

  2. says

    I used to take Body Pump on a regular basis. Right now? I’ve been hooked on Vinyasa yoga classes for nearly 2 years. I’ve been thinking about training to be a yoga teacher because I love it so much.

  3. Christy says

    My favorite class is Spin but lately I have been doing my own version since I can’t make it to the official class. I go in the Spin room and put on my headphones and rock my own class! I love it! I would love to try KB though, I am just scared that I will be so uncoordinated.

    My in-laws are Mexican and they call it “bocaritos” when you take a little tortilla and use it as the fork. Sometimes I will make my hubby bocaritos for breakfast. :)

  4. Tawny says

    I LOVE ZUMBA!! You have to find the right instructor, who plays current music, but it is SO much fun!!

  5. says

    i’ve never taken classes at a gym because the ones i want never fit into my schedule! it’s awesome that you’ve found something you love to do. i think it’s doubly awesome that you want to lead classes. if i was in your area i’d want you to teach me :)

  6. says

    I have the opposite problem! I used to take kickboxing in CA and now that I’ve moved I’ve been too scared to try the ones here! I’m worried I’ll hate it like I hate the spin classes here! Boo! It’s sad because group fitness classes used to be my favorite thing ever!

  7. says

    My favorite class at the gym is spinning but I do love kickboxing! You can just get out so much aggression! I always feel like a bad ass when I leave! I have been taking tae bo at another gym too. It’s like kickboxing on speed! It is such a good workout!

  8. says

    I love doing yoga or pilates at the gym. Oh and I also LOVE Zumba! I have not tried a KB class, but I’m very anxious to start one.

    Hope you had a wonderful Friday!

  9. Ashley C says

    I Love classes at the gym because the hardest part it seems is getting there. Once I’m there with the music and the people and the instructor motivating me, it feels way easier than doing it myself and it’s way more fun. My absolute favorite is spin class, but it has to be a good instructor

  10. says

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  11. says

    OMG, I miss kickboxing at my old gym! There wasn’t enough interest so they cut it, but I really, really, loved that hour each week! They have a class at my new gym, but it’s not on a night I can go.

    In fact, the classes at my gym are at awful times. They are all either before 9 am, or after 6 pm. I need classes in the MIDDLE of the day!

  12. says

    I’m with ya, I LOVE kickboxing. I finally have my TurboKick certification and once in awhile I get to teach the bag stuff at my new job – it’s a blast! If you like doing the stuff without bags & with great music, you should look for TurboKick when you get back to Cali! It’s ALL OVER out there! I really love it and I think you would too!

    PS – Two months until we meet at HLS!! Aaaahhh!! 😀

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