Walk and Talk

This afternoon I met my friend Kristin and her dogs for lunch. We took a walk and chatted about the crazy events of life.

My walking buddies Max and Willow:IMG_9089 IMG_9083

I packed my lunch to take over – a salad with veggies, chickpeas and tons of guacamole. I figure guac goes back fast and I refuse to let it go to waste. Plus a bag of blue corn tortilla chips.IMG_9077

Kristin also shared her snacks with me :) She always has stuff I love!IMG_9079

Sorry, dinner missed the camera because I left it in the car and didn’t feel like getting it before picture time.

But, who cares about dinner when you have chocolate chip cookies?! I have been craving chocolate chip cookies crazy style and decided to throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl and hope it came out okay.IMG_9097

“Recipe” aka stuff I threw in a bowl:

1/2c ww flour

1/4c brown sugar

dash of each: baking powder, salt and cinnamon

Then, pour in egg beaters until it’s doughy

Add chocolate chips – as many as you want (the best part of this recipe)

I didn’t have any apple sauce or other oil replacer, so this was risky.

I sprayed the pan generously because I didn’t use anything for oil/butter. These were a little dry, but fresh out of the oven they are great! IMG_9099

I just realized there is melted chocolate on my keyboard. I am ashamed :(

(But not too ashamed to share that with the internet?)


– cereal trail mix

– watermelon

– 2 calcium chews

– toast with butter,  ravioli (for dinner)

– few more chips with guac


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    I love taking a walk with a friend, it’s just perfect.

    Those cookies look delicious, i love just trowing ingredients together!

  2. says

    I tried doing the just throw ingredients together when baking last week and it worked alright but definitely not as good as just following the ingredients, lol. Sometimes you just need to live dangerously! Your cookies look delish!

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