Day One of Training


I’ve decided to start my training a little early since I will be traveling a bit over the next few months and will miss out on some key runs. Hopefully a head start will relieve some of the marathon training stress! I will be okay with missing some runs or making them up at another time so I can focus on LIVING my life :) I changed the days so that my long runs fall on … [Read more...]

Hummustard Roasted Chickpeas


Since I have 5 pounds of chickpeas to eat before they go bad, I knew roasted chickpeas were in order. They work as a snack or part of a meal :) When I’ve roasted chickpeas in the past I make a sauce for them, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. Instead I made a “Hummustard Sauce”. I mixed hummus and honey mustard with a bit of water and coated the c’peas. I actually think … [Read more...]