Bloody Failure


When I went to the New Harvest conference a few weekends ago they gave us a kit to test the Omega-3 levels in our blood. Then, after 30 days of taking New Harvest we can test it again and see if and/or how it’s changed. I haven’t had time to stab myself until today and thought I’d share the experience with you (just another service of reading RER – being able to watch self … [Read more...]

Cereal Sunday or Serial Sunday…


I conveniently “forgot” to take pictures of the bowl of cereal and granola bar I had today – hence the name of this post to remind me. I’m still within a good range of cals, so I’m not mad at me. Other eats are documented with pictures and not clever commentary because it’s Sunday and I’m taking this day off from cleverness (impressed at how I can turn it on and off?). … [Read more...]