Yoga Mat Flip Flops


When I went to Ben’s annual college reunions a few weekends back I made the mistake of bringing “cute” shoes instead of comfy ones. I didn’t realize there was so much walking involved and ended up getting blisters on my toes :( I was dying to get my shoes off, but could not find a place to buy some cheap flip-flops. Finally on the way to dinner we walked by the Princeton … [Read more...]

Chickpea Lovers Club Finale


Tonight we held the final meeting of the Chickpea Lovers Club :( As you may know, Rose (the only other member of CLC) is moving to Pennsylvania and I am moving to California. For a short time we were in the same state with the same passion for chickpeas, but unfortunately this time has come to an end. I am horrible with change or good-byes so this makes my heart very sad. … [Read more...]