Bad News AB Lovers

Warning: This post contains the worst news you are going to hear today. (Unless you found out your dog died, in which case I am very sorry and this joke isn’t funny.)

Anyways, I went to TJ’s again today looking for my beloved almond butter. It was still MIA. I asked and was told TJ’s Almond Butter with flax seeds will not return until September.

I confirmed this with the manager and he told me to just end it all it was true. Boo. He said the only thing to do (besides throwing a hissy fit in the Trader Joe’s aisles) is to try and contact corporate and let them know you want it back.

R.I.P. TJ’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds.tjs almond butter

He was a good nut butter. He’ll live on in our hearts and minds…

Today I used tempeh for lunch again. I got this flavor because I love anything garlic, but it is a little too salty.


I think it’s better in salads then sandwiches. I would love to make an Asian style stir-fry with this next time!IMG_9215

On a salad: It was better, but not best this way.  I think this flavor has to be in an Asian style dish because the flavors are overpowering. IMG_9236

Snacks: (no pics) granola and pack of cocoa almonds.

Dinner: Roasted broccoli, sweet potato with cottage cheese and veggie burger. I added the cottage cheese for protein because these Tex Mex Praegers veggie burgers don’t have much protein. IMG_9239

I picked up a new bar of dark chocolate at TJ’s to ease the pain of my loss of Almond Butter.IMG_9241

Okay, I need to get back to packing.

But, what I’m really going to do is watch TV :) Don’t tell anyone.


  1. says

    Bummer, I like that almond butter. Come to think of it, the last time I was at TJ’s they didn’t have any so I bought that valencia pb with flax, which I liked a lot.
    On the bright side, September isn’t *too* far away.

  2. says

    I know how you feel! This seems like last year when they told me canned pumpkin wouldn’t be available… I stockpiled like you wouldn’t believe as soon as I found it!

  3. Ella says

    THANK YOU for including that link to email corporate! it made it so easy and I straightaway emailed them… I too love that almond butter and it disappears in about 1 week every time I buy it. Eek.

  4. says

    Personally I love my peanut butter that has flaxseed in it. I haven’t tasted one better than Smart Balance. I am sure there is something out there that is better, but I just haven’t found it!

  5. says

    we never have any lucky when we email trader joes. THEY NEVER respond. drives me crazy. the people in teh stores are so helpful and nice but that many office of theirs needs some help.

  6. says

    That is such a bummer! I hate when stores take away foods that I love. I still miss the veggie burger I bought back in high school that have since disappeared from the shelves. Maybe you could learn how to make your own AB with flax, a summer project of sorts!

  7. Alyssa says

    This is truly devastating. At least I know so I can stop running to the nut butter aisle hopefully every time I am at TJs.

  8. says

    RIP AB. A good, good nut indeed.

    If you get super desperate, check to see if they are selling him on Ebay.

    Hope your packing also helped you get caught up on the latest shows. It’s multitasking, that’s OK.

  9. says

    They did the same thing with my favorite beer! They run production of it only at certain times and they always run out early. Its always in the summer too which is the best time for it =(.

  10. says

    as long as they’re bringing it back at ALL i’m happy! haha i’m so obsessed with that AB, i was worried you’d say it was permanently discontinued!

  11. stacey says

    Hmm, I just bought some of this AB this part Saturday at my TJ’s. Maybe it’s the last of their stock. It’s my first time buying it.

  12. stacey says

    Hmm, I just bought some of this AB this past Saturday at my TJ’s. Maybe it’s the last of their stock. It’s my first time buying it.

  13. says

    Noooooooooo! I couldn’t find the flax AB the other night and thought they were just out for the day. I had to get flax PB instead which isn’t as good. :(

    Dr. Praeger’s tex-mex burgers are my fave! Hope you’re having a splendiferuos Wednesday!

  14. Margie says

    That AB sounds great, but I don’t have a TJ’s in my area. So lucky for me I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I love Praeger’s veggie burgers, but I agree they are not that high in protein. I usually pair it with Ezekiel bread or a Flat out wrap and a cup of peas(extra protein) to up the overall protein intake.

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