21 Day Challenge


I have heard for ages that it takes 21 Days to make (or break) a habit. Well, I’ve been trying to break a few bad habits for a while now with no success. I really believe that my three worst habits are what is standing in the way between me and my goal weight. I have made great progress and am pretty much an Intuitive Eater for “normal” meals and snacks. Pause - This is … [Read more...]

New Nut Butter


I’m over TJ’s almond butter with roasted flax seeds. Yep, that fast. Over it. Done. I read “It’s Called a Discontinued Nut Butter Because It’s Broken”.  (I could go on…) There is a new nut butter in town! My new NB is sweet and funny and good looking… And NOT almond butter or peanut butter or even soynut butter. I’m trying something new -  Pepita Sun Seed Butter … [Read more...]