French Toast Friday and Rain Man


I have been the worst with posting on a regular schedule lately :( I know no one is sitting waiting at their computer for my posts, but it bothers me because I have some brain issue where I turn into Rain Man if I don’t stick to my little schedule. Dustin Hoffman’s “Judge Wapner” is my “Wake up at 6, Run, Eat”. I freak out if it doesn’t go that way, but since I am not working … [Read more...]

A Second Opinion


After posting about stopping my nighttime snacking habit earlier today, I came across Roni’s vlog just right now. She addresses this exact issue as the first question! If you have an issue with this check out her approach. She suggested embracing the fact that you’re a night time snacker and working it into your daily calorie goals. Roni lost 70 pounds and credits this … [Read more...]