Monica and Ben

I picked up Ben from the airport yesterday and we headed for dinner. Not only did we not see each other for a week, but it is also our anniversary Sunday! We decided to celebrate Saturday. IMG 9342 thumb Monica and Ben

Ben has been wanting to try Houlihan’s for a while so we decided to hit it up before we leave. This is the worst picture of me ever and I don’t know why I’m making it public…IMG 9343 thumb Monica and Ben

This was Ben’s coaster! I thought it was appropriate since he did put a ring on me icon smile Monica and Ben IMG 9341 thumb Monica and Ben

We started with…

Grilled Shrimp azteca with guacamole, sweet corn tamale cake and
pico de gallo
IMG 9346 thumb Monica and Ben

I needed veggies and ordered the White Bean salad to start. It was more beans than greens, which was a bummer. But, that dollop on top is goat cheese, which Ben did not think was a bummer icon smile Monica and BenIMG 9347 thumb Monica and Ben

Tuscan White Bean Salad goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic & foccacia crisps

IMG 9345 thumb Monica and Ben

I am usually not predictable with what I order, but you can bet that if I am eating out in Maryland I will order crab cakes! I had to, they’re just so good icon smile Monica and Ben

JUMBO LUMP CRAB MELT A baked jumbo lump crab cake on grilled sourdough bread with cheddar cheese and tomato, creole remoulade sauce

IMG 9353 thumb Monica and Ben

The crab cake was delicious, but I expected nothing less icon smile Monica and Ben

IMG 9351 thumb Monica and Ben

Ben ordered a Guinness, which I think is a very pretty beer. This picture doesn’t do it justice.IMG 9349 thumb Monica and Ben

Prime steak & wedge salad gorgonzola, polenta croutons, spicy pecans, bacon, grilled
asparagus, roasted golden beets, red onions, buttermilk bleu cheese dressing

IMG 9354 thumb Monica and Ben

Those golden things in the middle of the plate are polenta croutons. I stole one and want to make these at home! IMG 9355 thumb Monica and Ben

After dinner we took a walk and then it was time for cake! Even though our anniversary is today, we had to cut the cake last night because it has been burning a hole in my fridge!

Originally, I was supposed to be out of town this week too. Ben was going to FL and I was going to go to CA. But, when we found out we were moving I canceled my CA ticket and changed it  to a one way at the end of this month.

Since he thought we would both be out of town, Ben ordered the cake to be ready Friday.

I’ve had a Chocolate Decadence Cake in my fridge since last Friday. And I didn’t eat it even though I was here by myself all week. Miracles apparently do happen, and that was one of them icon smile Monica and Ben

1191 thumb Monica and Ben

I have joked on more than one occasion that the only reason I got married was for guaranteed cake in a year. When I found out they cut our anniversary cake at our wedding I was not a happy bride. But, I’m totally over it since it started a new tradition of Anniversary Cake!

IMG 9361 thumb Monica and Ben IMG 9359 thumb Monica and Ben IMG 9364 thumb Monica and Ben IMG 9365 thumb Monica and Ben

My piece, which I enjoyed with milk.IMG 9369 thumb Monica and Ben

While I was having my cake photo session Ben caught a Lightning Bug for me to see. We don’t have these in CA and I love them! IMG 9367 thumb Monica and Ben

This morning we started our day with a walk. I love Sunday morning walks with my groom. IMG 7853 thumb Monica and Ben

I should have worn my “Bride” shirt, so lets just pretend I did.IMG 7854 thumb Monica and Ben

Despite all my love for my hometown, I have to say that Columbia is the best city for running, walking and biking! There are so many paths and lakes to run around. I am going to miss this too.IMG 7855 thumb Monica and Ben

IMG 7858 thumb Monica and Ben

Doing scary stuff (like moving across the country) is so much better when you have someone with you. We have had the craziest year, but it was significantly better because we were together icon smile Monica and Ben

IMG 7867 thumb Monica and Ben

June: 003 thumb Monica and Ben

136 thumb Monica and Ben 001 thumb Monica and Ben

July:  Drove across the country, with a few stops on the way…

DSCN0068 thumb Monica and Ben

DSCN0101 thumb Monica and Ben 

August: DSCN0714 thumb Monica and Ben

September – We went on our honeymoon to Belize! snorkling thumb Monica and Ben

Benonhammock thumb Monica and Ben

October – Halloween as Fred and Wilmafredandwilma thumb Monica and Ben

halloweengroup thumb Monica and Ben 

November – Family visit for ThanksgivingIMG 2845 thumb Monica and Ben

December – Ben (who’s from Florida) and Monica (who’s from Calfornia) experience their first snow storm.IMG 3338 thumb Monica and Ben IMG 3333 thumb Monica and Ben

IMG 3343 thumb Monica and Ben IMG 3355 thumb Monica and Ben

And it was all down hill from there.

Okay, not really, but this last year did teach us a lot about what we think is important and how and where we want to live.

January – Disney MarathonIMG 3974 thumb Monica and Ben

February – I was injured and Ben helped me get over it stretch. IMG 5059 thumb Monica and Ben

March – All I can find is this picture of me waking him up icon smile Monica and Ben They can’t all be winners.IMG 5487 thumb Monica and Ben

April – Cherry Blossoms in DCIMG 6676 thumb Monica and Ben

May – Wine in the woods and Princeton ReunionsIMG 8020 thumb Monica and BenIMG 8466 thumb Monica and Ben

Now I’ve gotta cake to attend to icon smile Monica and Ben

011 thumb Monica and Ben

To be continued…


  1. says

    Awww, this is so touching! You and Ben are adorable and so in love and I LOVE that you celebrate this to the world! It’s so true, the huge scary changes in life are so much easier when you have someone to go through them with. GOod luck to you guys, life is so exciting right now and you will forever remember these times. :)

  2. says

    Happy anniversary!!
    Those are great pictures; you were a beautiful bride.

    I hope this second year of marriage brings you much happiness.

  3. says

    Fabulous pictures! Beautiful bride! I saved my cake topper for my first anniversary. When we dug into it a year later, it didn’t taste very good after being frozen that long. Hopefully that makes you feel better. :) Your cake looks quite tasty!

  4. says

    Those are quite lovely pictures! We didn’t save any of our wedding cake to have on our one-year anniversary. I’m a little sad because our cake was GOOD. But we basically lived off of it and the leftover food for days, so I certainly had my fill. Celebrating four years in October!

  5. says

    This post was a tear jerker. Thanks a lot, Monica! No, but seriously. I love your love. And also, I miss you. And I need to call you back.

  6. says

    happy anniversary to both of you! your wedding pictures are gorgeous. I hope the next year brings awesome things for you guys. :)

  7. Jennifer says

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful blog today. Your pictures (and captions) are great! Good luck on your move…

  8. says

    Hey got 2 quick questions on acekard 2i for dsi… How do i save my games? Is it like an emulator where you press a button and a menu comes up? And is there any way to play my music whilst playing ds games? I can do it on my psp but what about ds? And if so is there any way to block out ds game sounds. Thanks

  9. says

    Happy Anniversary!! The year in pics is just too cute.

    I LOVE Houlihan’s!!! I’m so excited that y’all ate there. Brian makes fun of me for liking it (he calls it Shenanigans- a la Super Troopers), but he’s never given it a chance. Half price wine on Tuesdays :)

    I may have to steal your anniversary cake tradition.

  10. says

    Give me a tissue! How beautiful. That cake looks to die for too!!

    I love all your precious moments, how sweet are y’all. Belize is a place we’re I’ve been dying to go.

    Glad to see you two still enjoying your honeymoon.

    Happy anniversary!

  11. says

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  12. says

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Thanks for sharing pics from your wedding day- they were gorgeous. You looked stunning! They were almost as good as the pic of you guys as Wilma & Fred- I LOVE IT! ;)


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