Trigger Foods


Before my easy four miler this morning I had a few handfuls of Shredded Oats. I love this cereal, but it’s too easy for me to grab handfuls throughout the day without realizing how they’re adding up (more on this below). When I got back I couldn’t decide on breakfast. I have a lot of stuff I need to eat before we move, but what I really wanted was the one thing I don’t have – … [Read more...]

Measuring dishes


Q: Who needs dishes when you have measuring cups? A: Me. Because the following pictures are embarrassing… I had cereal as an afternoon snack today :) It was a mix of random cereals in soymilk. But, it actually looked like this because I packed up my favorite bowls :( Figuring out how and when to pack everything so it times up perfectly is not going to happen … [Read more...]