Measuring dishes

Q: Who needs dishes when you have measuring cups?

A: Me. Because the following pictures are embarrassing…

I had cereal as an afternoon snack today :) It was a mix of random cereals in soymilk.


But, it actually looked like this because I packed up my favorite bowls :( Figuring out how and when to pack everything so it times up perfectly is not going to happen here.


Cherries! IMG_9192

Despite the uncanny resemblance to Julia Child, I have not cooked anything of note for a few days now. Boo.  IMG_2836

Dinner – I cooked up another veggie burger, sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts.  This is veggie burger #2 for the day. I suck at this whole food blogging thing.IMG_9398 - Sorry for pretending I could cook

Ben and I finished off the last of our anniversary cake tonight. It was amazing to the very last crumb :)


While I’m still mourning the loss of LOST, I am once again obsessed with Last Comic Standing!!! Anyone else?


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    Agree with Ms Heather, I love me some pyrex. I have one glass that also serves as a measuring cup with a bunch of different metrics on it, it’s perfect and behaves nicely in my cabinet.

    MMM sweet potato fries are the best!

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    Last Comic Standing is my favorite summer show!! I’m glad it’s back. I looove love love stand up comedy. My husband and I are regulars at the DC Improv. Hope you had time to check that place out while you lived in Maryland!

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