Motivate Yourself to Workout

I did not want to go to the gym today. I am a morning workout kinda girl all the way, but Kick Boxing is only offered in the morning twice a week. The rest of the days it is in the evening. Boo.

I have avoided evening classes for the most part because I hate working out after 10am. But I really wanted to get in an extra KB class before we leave.

Yet, I was still not motivated at all to go to the gym when 5:45pm. I was about to opt out, but decided that this was a moment that I could learn from. I was determined to motivate myself to get to the gym!

First, I had a reminder on the fridge of when my workout was scheduled. I just printed out the gym schedule a while back and highlighted the class I wanted to hit up.


Although I was eyeing the reminder all day, I did not want to actually get my butt to class :( But, getting ready is the best way to get yourself out the door. So I changed and it helped motivate me a little more! (That rhymes!) IMG_9410

I still wasn’t completely sold, so I decided on a reward! I love these vitaminwaters and had one before I left :) IMG_9413

I made it to class and am really glad I did! I actually loved it. That’s a little odd because I don’t even like running in the evening. I just really love KB!!!

You never regret a workout, but you may regret skipping one :)

Earlier today I gave myself good reason to workout too! My mom requested a package from Anne’s House of Nuts, so I went there today. I “sampled” some of the goodies before packing them up to send :)

Yogurt covered pretzelsIMG_9404

and trail mix!IMG_9401

“Lunch” IMG_9414

When I got home from KB Ben was starting on dinner. He made a salad in a big plastic bag since we already packed up our big bowls.


I made salmon and couscous to go along with the salad. I just cooked it on the stove with Pam, Old Bay and garlic. I mixed the salmon with some ICBNB and salt. IMG_9424

Ben’s main complaint with couscous is that it doesn’t stay on the fork. Ha. I love the stuff! IMG_9422

And a Vitatop for dessert. I hope my Costco in CA sells these!IMG_9003

See ya in the morning…


  1. says

    I get in those moods where I don’t wanna workout too. Like today I didn’t want to go to boxing class at all. I was even irritated while working out for the first 10 mins!! However, I stuck it out and was in a way better mood at the end of class.

  2. says

    Sometimes I can get all of the way to the gym and am in the middle of working out and I still don’t want to be doing that! But a few minutes of activity is certainly better than nothing!

  3. says

    how funny, the title of your post was my question yesterday! and my method is to change into clothes. it almost always works! i put some more motivating responses on tonight’s post.

    yogurt covered pretzels are sinfully delicious! love them!

    and i wish my costco had vitas. and greek yog. sigh!

    good luck with the moooove <3

  4. says

    I’m a morning exerciser, too.
    I just feel so heavy by the end of the day. I haven’t been to the gym in the evening in quite some time, but sometimes, it’s necessary. I’m glad you went and had a good time.
    Couscous IS messy. My daughter loves it and I’ve had to sweep couscous up off the floor for many years. I figured by age 8 she’d get it all in her mouth, but that just isn’t the case.

  5. says

    By the time you waiver back and forth on not going/going, you could have been out the door. I’m glad you laced up and went for it!

    I love me some trail mix, so good!

  6. stephanie says

    you go to the gym across the street from where i work! now i’m positive it’s you i saw in target one day.

    –seriously not a creepy stalker.

  7. says

    Hi Monica! My first time on your blog so I thought I’d say hi! I’m kinda opposite you in the fact that I usually feel more heavy and sluggish in the morning and hit my stride as the day goes on. But sometimes (especially after a long work day) the LAST thing I want to do is work out. My tricks are: change into workout clothes right after work instead of lounging clothes. Also this might sound weird, but it usually motivates me more if I wear “cute” work out clothes, as opposed to a ratty old tshirt or sweats. And, if I’m REALLY not feeling it, I tell myself that it’s okay to just do a power walk or a shortened version of my work out (usually once I get started I pick up the pace, but sometimes a walk is just better than nothing!).

  8. says

    My colleage was full of joy when reading one paragraph on your post “… because I hate working out after 10am. But I really wanted to get in an extra KB class before we leave….” it gets me to look brighter after reading it.

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