The Run that turned on me

Today’s run turned on me. It turned hot too fast, it turned hard to soon and ultimately my run turned into a walk :(

I blame the fact that after I woke up I spent two hours on the computer and lagged on getting out the door. Totally my fault and it messed up my entire workout. I think I ended up doing 4 miles, maybe?

I used to be great about waking up and getting out the door within 20 minutes or so, but this past winter got me in the habit of stalling. This is setting me up for failure because I need to run early to beat the heat! I’m going to be training for a marathon through the hottest part of the summer in SoCal so I really need to start getting up and out the door at dawn again!

After I got home I quickly threw together breakfast. Since it’s Waffle Wednesday and all I made a waffle sandwich.IMG_9429

Plus fruit :)IMG_9426

But, I’m not sure if I was overly hungry to begin with or what because I was not full at all from this meal. I should have waited it out to let my food settle, but instead I had a ww roll with Pepita Butter.

I am on a mission for Dunkin Donuts iced coffee today! Get it while ya can!!

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