Crystal Light Slurpees

One of the best thing about summer is Slurpees! To clarify – Crystal Light Slurpees. I love them and love that I’m not downing hundreds of calories on a drink (just chemicals, but whatev).



My big Slurpee. I didn’t get brain freeze even though I downed this so fast! It was hot and this was lovely. IMG_9462

I picked up Ben from his last day at this job and we went for a walk. Leaving Maryland has been a lot harder for us than we thought. Ben even suggested that we might be back one day – he is as sad as I am! I had an apple whilst walking.IMG_9463

We walked around a different lake today. Everything is so pretty around dusk.IMG_9466

We couldn’t figure out what kind of bird this is, but figured Ben’s dad would know. He’s an expert with this stuff :) IMG_9468

I remember when this geese babies were teeny! They are still so cute, but grew so fast! IMG_9464

After dinner I came across the best sign EVER… I partook, obviously.IMG_9470

Dinner was simple, a huge salad and pita pizza.IMG_9472


Dessert! A Vitatop :)


Tomorrow is a day full of packing and the movers come Sunday. I cannot wait until this move is over!


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    Surprised I’m the first comment on the post of slurpees!!! Chemicals? Sometimes you just need it for your over all wellness, that’s what I tell myself anyways. They seriously mean summer is here in my book. I havent had one in so long due to the calorie situation, I’m going on a mission to all my local 7 elevens until I find the crystal light flavor!

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    Mmm, slurpees. They’re just plain good for the soul.
    Moving is totally bittersweet…even if you’re going somewhere fun, leaving an old place is hard.

    Good luck with the final moving stuff this weekend!

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    I love slushes, and always crave popsicles and snocones in the summertime – YUM!

    I hope everything with your move this weekend goes well – that’s a big distance to be moving! I’ve spent time in both California and Maryland, and think they’re both gorgeous states in their own way – I miss them both!

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    Crystal Light slurpee! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I want it — now! I was just saying to my boyfriend that ‘they’ should make sugar-free Icees and sno-cones. Mmm, chemical-y…

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    I am the same way when I move. I’m so excited to move on with the next chapter of my life and then it hits me that it’s sad to move and that you’re moving on from somewhere you’ll never be again. Okay, maybe you’ll be there again, but it won’t be the same. It’s where you spent your first year of marriage so it makes sense to be a little sentimental. I’ll feel the same way about this place when we sell it. Good luck with the move!

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    Isn’t if funny how you’re so happy to move and then once it comes around, it’s really sad? I’m also in the same boat — moving from a city I’ll never return to. It’s so weird!

    Speaking of that, I’ve lived around the corner from a 7-11 for two years, and I’ve never checked to see if they sell Crystal Light slurpees!! What is wrong with me!?

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