Moving Fuel

Today was the last crunch before the movers come tomorrow morning. Ben and I still had a lot to do since we couldn’t pack a lot of stuff we were still using.

I attempted to wake up a little early to get in a run before packing. I ended up doing 10 miles with some walk breaks. The hills were bothering my knees today icon sad Moving Fuel

When I got home I made a smoothie before anything else. I had been planning on this for the better part of my run icon smile Moving Fuel

IMG 9481 thumb Moving Fuel

In the mix:

- Strawberry flavored protein powder

- Ice

- Xantham gum

- spinach

- soy milk

- Chia seeds

Topped with Heart to Heart cereal and Peanut Butter (added after)IMG 9485 thumb Moving Fuel

I love using these soup spoons to eat smoothies!IMG 9486 thumb Moving Fuel

Pre-run I had an english muffin with Pepita butter and iced coffee on  our makeshift table icon wink Moving FuelIMG 9477 thumb Moving Fuel

Over the course of the day I had most of each of these bars. Neither one of them is any good though icon sad Moving Fuel Boo to bad bars.IMG 9493 thumb Moving Fuel

This kind always tastes stale to me. I’ve tried them a few different times and think that’s how they taste (Ben agreed on the stale review).IMG 9494 thumb Moving Fuel

I made a pit stop during some errands to my daily dose of Dunkin Donuts.IMG 9487 thumb Moving Fuel

What’s going to keep me running after I move?! Oh no!IMG 9488 thumb Moving Fuel

I also got some DD food this time. I have been wanting to try the new bagel twists and decided to get one today. The first bite was no bueno. They also tasted stale?! I put it in the micro to soften it up with some PB. Much better.IMG 9491 thumb Moving Fuel

I don’t know when I ate these, but I did… IMG 9495 thumb Moving Fuel

A week full of packing and cleaning and other nonsense requires wine!IMG 9498 thumb Moving Fuel


It’s ironic that we’ve been trying to “save” our California wine, but now that we don’t want to move it we’re chugging it! IMG 9497 thumb Moving Fuel

Chug, chug, chug!!!


  1. says

    Moving is insane. I’m glad you’re almost done.
    Are there ANY Dunkin Donuts in California? There must be one somewhere. You’ll have to take a road trip sometime to find out.

  2. says

    I hate moving! Good luck with it!

    Dunkin Donuts are on almost every street in MA – when I lived in Georgia, I was shocked there wasn’t a dunkin in town! I hope you find one out in California.

  3. says

    I really hate moving too….I am hoping I dont have to move for a little while. Actually hope the next time is into a house and not another apartment/condo. Sucks about DD but at least you have In & Out burger there.

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