“See Ya Later…”

Yesterday was one of the most draining days I’ve had in a long time. Moving is like running a marathon because it’s a ton of physical work, the build up is very stressful and when it’s over you’re both relieved and a little sad.

I woke up early Sunday morning because the movers were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 9 am. Ben and I were pretty much ready to go except we had to re-list out furniture that hadn’t sold on Craigslist.

I wasn’t hungry, but knew it was going to be a long day so I heated up the breakfast I made the night before (when I packed my kitchen stuff).


Then we paced back and forth for an hour and a half waiting for the movers. The one piece of furniture we’re taking is that old chair that’s been in Ben’s family for a long time (too long if you ask me).


Doesn’t Ben look overwhelmed here? Ha.IMG_9508

Don’t I look sleepy faced? Ha again.IMG_9513

Finally the truck came and we loaded it up. It was all over in about two hours. We had a limit on how much stuff we could take, so it was all boxes plus one tragic chair and my standing desk. But, this means we’re going to have to start all over in CA and furnish our place from scratch. IMG_9516I’m going to have to be a hardcore bargain hunter  since we didn’t put any money aside for this!IMG_9509

Then, it was time to clean. How fun, huh.IMG_9526 

I swear by those Magic Eraser sponges! I got the knock-off ones from Target and they worked great. IMG_9528

I was going on and on about them so Ben came and took pictures of me for my “Target brand” Magic Eraser info-mercial.  Get yours today! (Greasy forehead not included.)


At some point during the day I made a lunch and drinks run – sandwiches and chips (no pics). I somehow managed to come home with  Pretzel M&Ms too. They were good, but didn’t change my life.IMG_9556

Ben was pooped from all the moving, but we don’t have any furniture, so he just plopped down on the middle of the floor and worked on my laptop.IMG_9522

After some rest we decided we had to take one last walk around “our lake”. IMG_9530

I have had to be a little mysterious for the sake of privacy, but I LOVED where we lived and have wanted to rave about the great paths around here!

For the past 11 months I’ve been living in an apartment in Columbia, MD. We are located in a great spot too – I can walk out my door and take a path that takes me to the mall or to miles and miles of walking/running paths.

That brick building behind the trees is the high-rise from my complex. I didn’t live in that building, but was right next to it.


Right out the door from my apartment was an out and back route that is perfectly four miles.

There is a little plaza I would run by (or Ben and I would walk by) too. It is the cutest area and perfect for walking, running or biking!


I used to run here as the sun was coming up and I always had to smile :) It is not easy to find such serene and safe running paths in most places I’ve been. I can say that I did truly enjoy and savor my time on these routes.


The route in the Fall:


Winter: IMG_3350


Summer: Ben and Monica’s last walk in Columbia… for now anyways.IMG_9536

After walking and showering we quickly picked up dinner and headed over to Matt and Kristin’s for one more shin-dig.

I grabbed Cosi because I’ve never been there before and wanted something new. I was pleasantly surprised to see they have calorie estimates on their menus. I love that! IMG_9540 IMG_9538

I ordered a salad and added salmon. It came with a piece of flat bread too – it was just okay, but I think I waited a bit too long to eat it.IMG_9541 IMG_9543

Matt and Kristin are the best!  Ben and I both get along great with them – that can be hard to find in “couple friends”. IMG_8026 

We are very lucky that we’ve been able to spend so much time with them here. Thanks guys!!! I’m going to miss our inside jokes and inappropriate YouTube video watching :(


Kristin and I had some wine, while the boys drank “boy drinks”. I think they were gin and tonics or something?IMG_9545

Then, we played some video game where I had the opportunity to show everything how I move myself instead of the controller. I’m quite the party side-show as I turn my body instead of my character on the screen. Fail.IMG_9548


Sadly, we had to call it a night and tell our friends “See ya later”. I am really bummed about missing out on next year’s Halloween party and crab fest :( Boo.


Since we had to get rid of all of our furniture we went home to sleep on the floor. Luckily we were so physically and emotionally drained from the day we both fell asleep pretty quickly (okay, maybe after a bowl of cereal or two).



  1. says

    I’m almost positive I’ve caught my fiance in the same tilted laptop on the chest post that Ben is doing at the beginning of your post.

    I’m super jealous of all of your cool paths. I hope your place in Cali has such excellent places to run and walk. But at least you know the weather will be more conducive right?

  2. says

    Moving is always a little sad but a little exciting too!
    I bet your new place in CA will have a fun of cool running/outdoor stuff!
    Have a safe trip!

    P.S. I love Cosi! Sad to hear you didn’t love the flatbread… i’m a little obsessed.

  3. says

    It is definitely hard to find couple friends where you actually love both halves of the couple!

    I would probably run more often if I had that kind of scenery!

  4. says

    My husband and I just moved last week – it was a big workout! Between all the moving and then the yardwork we did the first day I definitely felt beat up! Moving uses totally different muscles than running! Hope your moving goes well!

  5. says

    I am exhausted just from reading. Moving is such a tiring process, but looks like you made the most of it!

    I love the seasonal pics of the path, that’s so cool to look back at the seasons.

    Hope you snuck in a nap or two:)

  6. says

    See? THAT’S why I want to move to Columbia. It gets a bad rap for being pricey and chock-full of tract homes, but something about a “planned community” really appeals to me. Whenever I have to navigate through Columbia the whole place just makes sense to me. I especially like some of the older neighborhoods that are more established with fullgrown trees and whatnot. Love you paths!! Maryland will miss you! Safe travels!

  7. Kristin says

    I didn’t even think about how you didn’t have bed to sleep on :( You could have totally crashed here!! Safe travels! We’ll miss you guys too!

  8. says

    Whew, I’m glad the moving stuff on this end is over. Since we’re a military family and move often, I really understand how you’re feeling right now.

    We used to live at Ft. Meade, just down the road from Columbia, and I always liked making my way over there. It is a nice place.

    Have a safe trip to California!

  9. says

    I’m obsessed with those magic erasers. They are the best for cleaning white walls and I hear they work wonders when cleaning the tub. Haven’t tried it out on anything other than white walls and doors but I will be trying it out on other items in the near future. I will do anything that makes cleaning easier!

  10. says

    I really love that last photo. It’s really intimate and personal but also a bit anonymous because your faces are obscured.

    Congratulations on coming back to California, the best state ever. :)

  11. Laura says

    Ikea rocks for cheap furniture. I got my bed (really, just a mattress) from Sams Club, delivered for free, for like $350. Craigslist rocks too! Good luck on the fresh start! =]

  12. says

    I think it’s so weird that three of my favorite bloggers – you, Caitlin of HTP, and Kath of Kath Eats, are all moving on almost the same day!!

    Also, I love the pretzel M&Ms – the snack bag has only 150 calories because the middle of the M&M is pretzel, so it’s a way better choice than peanut M&Ms (my other favorite!) My sisters and mom and I have been putting M&Ms and pretzels together for ages.

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