Flat Ass Run


I rocked the heck out of my run today. I’d like to credit the California smog air, but I know it’s really because it is so flat here. Flat routes = fast runs! We ended up stayed awake super late last night hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. They picked us up from the airport around 10:30pm and we had catching up to do! Ben and I finally went to bed around 2am … [Read more...]

California Here I Come…


“Right back where I started from….” Ben and I joke that I am a lot like Lucy from “I Love Lucy”. I have red hair, am pretty loud and am constantly coming up with new crazy ideas. It’s true. But that’s why you guys stick around right? All day long I’ve been singing “California here I come, right back where I started from…” But those are the only words I know, so it’s on … [Read more...]