Flat Ass Run

I rocked the heck out of my run today. I’d like to credit the California smog air, but I know it’s really because it is so flat here. Flat routes = fast runs!

We ended up stayed awake super late last night hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. They picked us up from the airport around 10:30pm and we had catching up to do!

Ben and I finally went to bed around 2am EST. Then, I woke up at 6:30am PST feeling a little disoriented.

But I have been looking forward to running in my hometown, so I set out for a few miles. I ended up doing 3 miles faster than I’ve run in a very long time.

3 miles in 25:17

Mile 1: 8:45

Miles 2: 8:24

Mile 3: 8:05

I said a little prayer of thanks for this :)

After my run I grabbed a banana with PB and stretched out a little. My knee is still hurting, so I’m glad I only did 3 miles.IMG_9616

Breakfast was an egg scramble burrito and blueberriesIMG_9611

“Put some hot sauce on my burrito baby…”IMG_9613

Then, Ben and I took Roxy and Bailey for a walk.

Roxy aka “the Roxican”IMG_9629

 Bailey aka “Bay Leaf”IMG_9630

I used to look forward to walking with them after work. It’s good to be back.IMG_9619 IMG_9620

Last night after I brushed my teeth I found this in my bed – my cat was waiting for me! He spooned me all night. How cute is that?!

Vegas” (who I found at the bank when he was a kitten)IMG_9609

My mom got the biggest crop of avocados from her trees in the backyard! Our fridge is packed with super ripe and delicious avocados begging to be eaten! We ended up digging into them last night, but there’s plenty more where that came from <3


We also have a little fig tree in the back. I think they are ripe right now, but I was too afraid to try them. I try to keep my fig eating to Newton style only.IMG_9624

But, I did convince Ben to try it. He said it wasn’t very good, but maybe he’s just not used to it? IMG_9622

I have to hit up the grocery store for some papitas (food as my family calls it). My mom and Matt are in Alaska until Friday so we won’t see them until then!


  1. says

    Everyweher I’ve lived has had hills. I’m jealous of your pavement.
    Love fresh figs, but those don’t look ripe. Or maybe they’re just a different variety.

  2. says

    I have to agree, CA is an excellent place to run. The weather has been so cool here too lately. I wore long sleeves on my run yesterday.

  3. Jesse says

    Welcome back to California! Your move looks like it took a lot out of you but Cali really is paradise…we have the biggest treest (Kings Canyon National Park), the tallest trees (Humbold County), the best skiing, (Tahoe), the country’s best home-grown booze (wine!!!), the best cheese (“Happy Cows Come from California!) and the ocean, of course (the PACIFIC!!!)! Good luck getting everything in order, I am sure you will find a job in no time! :)

  4. says

    Welcome back to California – it’s the best place to live! I just recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I have linked to it on my blog as well. Happy running and eating!

  5. says

    That avocado looks so good! I wish I didn’t live in such a hilly area, then I would probably be willing to actually run outside more often!

  6. says

    My daughter was full of joy when reading this line on your post “… night hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. They picked us up from the airport around 10:…” it also bring back to mind about the day I ran into my long time friend.

  7. says

    This could be one of the most authoritative words I ever learnt today, I’m uttering about this part of your article “… and delicious avocados begging to be eaten! We ended up digging into them last night, but there…s …” this is it, you just crushed it down pal.

  8. says

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