Monica and Ben


I picked up Ben from the airport yesterday and we headed for dinner. Not only did we not see each other for a week, but it is also our anniversary Sunday! We decided to celebrate Saturday. Ben has been wanting to try Houlihan's for a while so we decided to hit it up before we leave. This is the worst picture of me ever and I don’t know why I’m making it public… This was … [Read more...]

Running with “down” Braids


I think I’ve found a new favorite hair ‘do for running! You guys may know that I have issues with my hair while running. If I don’t braid it or put it in a bun it gets very knotty :( Up until today I would put it in a pony tail (or two) and then braid it. But since I slept with braids last night I decided to keep them for my run.  The two “down” braids stayed in place and … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday and Rain Man


I have been the worst with posting on a regular schedule lately :( I know no one is sitting waiting at their computer for my posts, but it bothers me because I have some brain issue where I turn into Rain Man if I don’t stick to my little schedule. Dustin Hoffman’s “Judge Wapner” is my “Wake up at 6, Run, Eat”. I freak out if it doesn’t go that way, but since I am not working … [Read more...]

A Second Opinion


After posting about stopping my nighttime snacking habit earlier today, I came across Roni’s vlog just right now. She addresses this exact issue as the first question! If you have an issue with this check out her approach. She suggested embracing the fact that you’re a night time snacker and working it into your daily calorie goals. Roni lost 70 pounds and credits this … [Read more...]

21 Day Challenge


I have heard for ages that it takes 21 Days to make (or break) a habit. Well, I’ve been trying to break a few bad habits for a while now with no success. I really believe that my three worst habits are what is standing in the way between me and my goal weight. I have made great progress and am pretty much an Intuitive Eater for “normal” meals and snacks. Pause - This is … [Read more...]

New Nut Butter


I’m over TJ’s almond butter with roasted flax seeds. Yep, that fast. Over it. Done. I read “It’s Called a Discontinued Nut Butter Because It’s Broken”.  (I could go on…) There is a new nut butter in town! My new NB is sweet and funny and good looking… And NOT almond butter or peanut butter or even soynut butter. I’m trying something new -  Pepita Sun Seed Butter … [Read more...]



Today I didn’t get drenched from my own sweaty run. No, I got drenched by God. My marathon training program has Wednesdays as rest days, so I was going to take a stroll and give my mom a call. Well, 1/2 mile away from my apartment it starts to POUR out of nowhere. And I mean POUR! I was immediately drenched and turned around to get home. Luckily, I had a baggie for my … [Read more...]

Bad News AB Lovers


Warning: This post contains the worst news you are going to hear today. (Unless you found out your dog died, in which case I am very sorry and this joke isn’t funny.) Anyways, I went to TJ’s again today looking for my beloved almond butter. It was still MIA. I asked and was told TJ’s Almond Butter with flax seeds will not return until September. I confirmed this with the … [Read more...]

Yoga Mat Flip Flops


When I went to Ben’s annual college reunions a few weekends back I made the mistake of bringing “cute” shoes instead of comfy ones. I didn’t realize there was so much walking involved and ended up getting blisters on my toes :( I was dying to get my shoes off, but could not find a place to buy some cheap flip-flops. Finally on the way to dinner we walked by the Princeton … [Read more...]

Chickpea Lovers Club Finale


Tonight we held the final meeting of the Chickpea Lovers Club :( As you may know, Rose (the only other member of CLC) is moving to Pennsylvania and I am moving to California. For a short time we were in the same state with the same passion for chickpeas, but unfortunately this time has come to an end. I am horrible with change or good-byes so this makes my heart very sad. … [Read more...]

Bloody Failure


When I went to the New Harvest conference a few weekends ago they gave us a kit to test the Omega-3 levels in our blood. Then, after 30 days of taking New Harvest we can test it again and see if and/or how it’s changed. I haven’t had time to stab myself until today and thought I’d share the experience with you (just another service of reading RER – being able to watch self … [Read more...]

Cereal Sunday or Serial Sunday…


I conveniently “forgot” to take pictures of the bowl of cereal and granola bar I had today – hence the name of this post to remind me. I’m still within a good range of cals, so I’m not mad at me. Other eats are documented with pictures and not clever commentary because it’s Sunday and I’m taking this day off from cleverness (impressed at how I can turn it on and off?). … [Read more...]

Day One of Training


I’ve decided to start my training a little early since I will be traveling a bit over the next few months and will miss out on some key runs. Hopefully a head start will relieve some of the marathon training stress! I will be okay with missing some runs or making them up at another time so I can focus on LIVING my life :) I changed the days so that my long runs fall on … [Read more...]

Hummustard Roasted Chickpeas


Since I have 5 pounds of chickpeas to eat before they go bad, I knew roasted chickpeas were in order. They work as a snack or part of a meal :) When I’ve roasted chickpeas in the past I make a sauce for them, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. Instead I made a “Hummustard Sauce”. I mixed hummus and honey mustard with a bit of water and coated the c’peas. I actually think … [Read more...]

9 is the new 6


Six miles used to be my favorite distance (it technically still is for mid-week runs) but I’ve been happily running nine miles the last few weekends.  I think nine miles is my favorite long distance weekend run. Before I left I had a piece of toast with PB, banana and jelly. Oh, and a lot of water. When I got back I couldn’t decide between a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. … [Read more...]

One Girl’s Dessert


One girl’s dessert is another man’s, “What is this weird stuff?!” I was craving ice cream, but we don’t have any so I had to make some. I made it with the recipe below and served it with a Vitatop. I made some for Ben too and his response was, “Ah, Babe. This is weird.” :( You can’t please 'em all with these weird dessert recipes! Cocoa “Ice Cream”: frozen banana 3 … [Read more...]