Run or Dance


This morning I was super excited to try something new on my long run. I finally decided to run with music! I know, I know this is crazy talk. I have been running for 5 years without music. I trained for 2 marathons without music. But, today I decided to give this whole tunes thing a whirl. Last night Ben loaded up my phone with music and this morning I pressed “random” and was … [Read more...]

National Cheesecake Day!


Today, in honor of National Cheesecake Day, the Cheesecake Factory is offering Half Off any slice of Cheesecake if you dine in. No coupon needed! Just show up and enjoy! (source) You can find more information here. And if that wasn’t good enough news, they are releasing their new Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake today! Um, this might change my life. I … [Read more...]

TJ’s Pit Stop


I get off work about an hour and a half before Ben. This means I have too much time on my hands to wait around and get hungry. I normally take a walk right after work because I hate being cooped up all day :( Ben says I should be a Park Ranger because I just want to walk around outside all day. I am considering it. In addition to a walk I need a snack. Yesterday I had a scone … [Read more...]

Apple Bananas


Today was a Rest Day from running so I decided some light strength training was in order. The problem is, my mom only has 5 pound weights and it feels like a joke. Oh well, I did a few moves and called it a day. Then, I threw together a cereal bowl of randomness – Flakes, almond milk, pineapple cottage cheese, chia seeds, apple banana and almond butter. I know some people … [Read more...]

Speedy Gonzales


Today’s marathon training called for a tempo run. Basically, a tempo run is a run where you do a few miles at a faster pace than usual. I am loving my new little Days of the Week whiteboard! I won it at the Baby Shower this weekend. This run was supposed to be: 2 mile warm up; 3 miles at 8:30 pace; 1 mile cool down. I don’t have my Garmin with me, but from memory… I ended … [Read more...]

Funger Strikes Again


I created the word “Funger” to describe eating for Fun instead of Hunger = “Fun-ger” Today was a major Funger day. For some reason I am a chocolate fiend. This afternoon I scrounged around my bag and found an old granola bar with chocolate in it. But, that didn’t cut it so after dinner I picked this up – Pretzel M&Ms. I wasn’t all about them the first time I tried them, … [Read more...]

Eat What You Love


This morning I did what I love and started the day with a run. I’ve decided I like to run 5 days a week and since I can’t do KB right now anyways, will start adding more easy runs to the mix. This mornings 4 miles were even more fun because Susan joined me! I love running with her. Do what you love, right :) Since I’m back on the Intuitive Eating wagon I’ve decided to Eat … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday : Peach Salsa Couscous


Hello and welcome to another round on Mexican Meatless Monday! This weekend I made Peach Salsa & Black Bean Couscous. It is super easy too! Just throw everything together and enjoy.   Ingredients: ww couscous TJ’s Peach Salsa Can of Black Beans Can of Kidney Beans Salt & Pepper Directions: Cook couscous according to package directions. I cooked the whole … [Read more...]

Another Word For Pudding


I made Not-Your-Momma’s-Banana-Pudding for my cousin’s Baby Shower today. I read about on HeatherBakes and even though I don’t like pudding, it intrigued me! I used the original Paula Deen recipe for inspiration, but changed it. Ingredients: Package SF Cheesecake Pudding mix 2 cups milk TJ’s Cinnamon Grahams Sweetened Condensed Milk (1 small can) 3 HUGE … [Read more...]

Proud Owner?


Only in the last two or so years have I come to embrace my voluptuous posterior. It was a very long road to get here. A road paved with self conscious looks in mirrors and any window reflection I walked by. I’d glance at my butt with embarrassment or distain depending on my mood. Each time the view was the same, but I always hoped it got smaller. Finally, I have learned to … [Read more...]

Last Long Run in Pico


I hope this is my last long run in Pico. I really  need to drive to a better running spot for anything over 8 miles because it gets super tedious around here. And I kinda feel like a weirdo. This morning I did 13 miles all around town. I have a route that is 9 miles, but had to run through some areas twice. At least I know where the 7-11 is located and I stopped for … [Read more...]

Cafe Rio


The other day at work two of my new friends were raving about Cafe Rio.  I am a sucker for a good review so I was excited when Ben and I decided to go there for dinner tonight. It’s very similar to Chipotle in the menu/ordering. You choose if you want a burrito, taco, enchiladas, quesadilla or salad. Then, pick your meat and beans. It’s an assembly line like Chipotle too. … [Read more...]

Eating Out (side) and Intuitive Eating


Hello! Did you guys run a 5K Friday today?! I did. My friend Susan actually met me for a run this morning. I took this pic while waiting for her :) After my 3.1 mile run I made a yogurt bowl for breakfast. Chobani pineapple, cereals, apple banana and almond butter. This was super filling! It’s so weird that these apple bananas look like bananas and taste like apples! I … [Read more...]

Hug Tighter and Longer


Today my mom and I went to the funeral for my friend. It had actually been a really long time since I’d seen her or her family or friends. I “lost rights” to these people in my last break-up. It was very sad, but also good to see my old friends and acquaintances. She has the best family ever and they were always so welcoming and loving. I was super close to these people for … [Read more...]

Intuitive Eating Round Two


About a year ago I started on my Intuitive Eating journey. After years and years of crash dieting, restricting, binging, frustration and self hatred I was desperate to find a real, lasting solution to my weight issues. I heard about the book “Intuitive Eating” from research and blogs. I had actually already read several of Geneen Roth’s books, which encourage intuitive eating … [Read more...]

Frozen Foods


I have just resolved myself to the fact that I should happily accept the convenience of frozen foods in my life for the next two weeks. Convenience is key when you come home starving at 8pm and cooking is not an option unless you want to binge on an entire box of cereal while waiting for water to boil. Dinner was a double whammy of frozen deliciousness. First, a LC (Lean … [Read more...]