Fourth of July Desserts


I love the Fourth of July! I love the U.S., I love bar-b-ques and I love the summer!!! Oh, and the fireworks aren’t too shabby either ;) Plus, I love cooking and I love that I’m now close to family, so I have people to cook for (and I’m not left eating everything myself)! I really want to make something festive for the Fourth! While I’m impressed with this … [Read more...]

Guacamole Time!


Guacamole time should be every day. I think America should have Guac Time, like England has tea time. Who’s in? Today I used our abundant supply of avocados to make Monica’s Famous Guacamole. Unfortunately, this recipe really is an “eyeball it” to measure kinda recipe, so it’s not easy for me to give specific amounts. But, I can tell you what I put in the mix: - Avocados - … [Read more...]