11 Mile Run in Long Beach


  Happy Weekend! Last night I was really looking forward going on a long run this morning. I headed to my old stomping grounds in Long Beach for a run. But first, I had toast with PB&J. I have been bringing my hand held water bottle for these mid-length runs. Once I increase mileage I’ll wear my fuel belt. I actually got a stomachache mid run and wasn’t feeling … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Lunch


This isn’t “Brunch” because I feel like brunch happens when you have a late breakfast/early lunch. But, I had my usual breakfast and then wanted eggs for lunch. I scrambled up: onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, salsa and a little bit of spinach with egg beaters for this mix. Served with a ww tortilla for scooping. No surprise that it’s served with an avocado :) I hate … [Read more...]