Breakfast for Lunch

This isn’t “Brunch” because I feel like brunch happens when you have a late breakfast/early lunch. But, I had my usual breakfast and then wanted eggs for lunch.

I scrambled up: onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, salsa and a little bit of spinach with egg beaters for this mix. Served with a ww tortilla for scooping.

IMG 9687 thumb Breakfast for Lunch

No surprise that it’s served with an avocado icon smile Breakfast for Lunch I hate being so predictable, but I love eating these!

IMG 9688 thumb Breakfast for Lunch

This afternoon I bought a new granola and had to try it right away. This is a file photo because I was too busy eating to take a pic. IMG 2489 thumb Breakfast for Lunch 

Dinner was take out. After Ben got home we walked the perros and by the time we thought about dinner it was 8pm! I opted for an old favorite – Cheese Quesadilla. I really just got it for nostalgia. This was always my order from a local burger place when we were kids.IMG 9692 thumb Breakfast for Lunch

My order at Taco Bell was a Bean & Cheese burrito and an order of Pintos & Cheese. I think it says something that I naturally didn’t order things with meat in them, but it wasn’t an ethical or nutritional choice, just my taste preference.IMG 9691 thumb Breakfast for Lunch

 Healthy Shopping – Yesterday at Costco the lady behind me said, “You eat healthy!” when she saw my food loot. Then, she went on to ask specifics about my mushrooms and other eats.

I love talking food with anyone, so I chatted away of course icon smile Breakfast for Lunch But, it kinda made me feel weird that someone judges me (good or bad) based on my food choices. That doesn’t make any sense because I put my entire life and food choices on display here, but I guess I think of it differently?

DSCN1230 thumb Breakfast for Lunch

Question: Does anyone (stranger or family/friends) say things about your food choices? How do you react?


  1. says

    I eat eggs so often for lunch I don’t even consider them a breakfast food anymore! People often say that to me when they see my lunches at school, work etc because most people buy lunch out. Sometimes I feel awkward when they draw a lot of attention to what I’m eating but I try not to let it bug me.

  2. love to sleep! says

    you asked if friends/family comment or judge us based on food choices. I don’t really get judged based on food choices, but I do have another comment… I try to adopt healthy habits that make me feel great, and one of those habits is that I try as much as possible to get enough rest. Unfortunately, this means that I’m usually the first one to leave the party, and never after 11pm, usually by 10. I often do feel judged, and friends give me a really hard time about this! My philosophy is take it or leave it, this is me, and my health is more important than staying up watching people drink!

  3. says

    I think you can tell a lot about a person/family by what is in their shopping cart. Single, foodie, crunchy, busy, non-cook, big family. I could spend forever being nosy and peering into other people’s carts.

    My 8 yr old naturally gravitates towards meatless meals (except for chicken nuggets, of course…sigh!); I think she’ll be a vegetarian one day. That’s okay with me, because meat doesn’t thrill me all that much either. I just hate being restricted by a label.

    I don’t think anyone has ever made a comment about my eating habits, except for my husband, perhaps, who can’t understand my love for brussels sprouts and squash.

  4. says

    As a vegetarian, I eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner fairly often (but I limit myself to two yolks a day), and I LOVE avocado, so your lunch looks incredible to me.
    People do make comments about my food. I am the only vegetarian some of them know, and I tend to enjoy relatively healthy and “odd” (to them) foods. I just try to answer graciously (this is especially important when they seem to be asking questions out of defensiveness for their own food choices), take any offered opinions with a grain of salt, and let them try my food if that is an option at the moment.

  5. says

    I often feel judged too about what I eat and my healthy habits. My friends really don’t get it at all and call me lame and make fun of me because I don’t want to eat what they’re eating or drink a lot or stay out late. I usually just brush it off and remind myself that it’s worth it, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bug me at all.

  6. says

    breakfast is awesome anytime of day! and i totally feel judged a lot about what i eat. mostly from strangers though and my family. luckily i have really great friends who know how important health and running are and that i eat like it is.

  7. says

    OMG I get stopped so many times in the grocery store and people actually look in my cart and start to sort through my things. ITS SOOOO WEIRD!!!! They say things like “my, you have the healthiest cart in the store.” Or “wow, you sure do eat a lot of vegetables!” Haha, I guess its a compliment but it always freaks me out a little.

  8. Marlon @MeInTheBalance says

    Sometimes I’ll get comments in the teachers’ lounge during lunch but they are positive. I think a lot of my colleagues’ comments are result of them feeling badly about their food choices. They see my healthier options and compare their fast food lunch to mine. I try to encourage them and explain what I put together. I think it’s expected of me to eat healthier since I’m the Health teacher at my school, though.

  9. says

    i have had both negative and positive responses to my eats and food choices. i’ve had that same comment at the food counter of a grocery store, but they always add in the body image part that erks the crap out of me.

    the worse response i’ve ever had is from my great aunt who thinks my vegetarian ways are “retarded and bad for your well being” and therefore puts meat in everything at thanksgiving so all i can eat is raw veggies and bread. she wants to convert me back. my dad has me bring my own dish every year now, or i just don’t go to thanksgiving at her house!

  10. says

    I’ve gotten a lot of comments from check-out people in the past. It usually makes me feel a bit self-conscious, because, you know, that’s just how I eat. And sometimes I buy all my produce / healthy stuff from one store and wind up getting dairy/grocery from another, so I’ve had trips where all I’m buying is ice cream and packaged stuff, and I worry about how THAT looks. No, really, I bought produce yesterday, I swear!

  11. says

    My family does, but they are used to it. My father-in-law asked yesterday what I would eat for the 4th. The only thing I don’t eat is meat, so I said I am perfectly happy with chips, dip and icecream.

  12. says

    I get comments at work all of the time, but I agree with some of the other commenters that it is more curiosity and/or their own feelings about how they eat that compel the remarks, not any true malice. It does get a bit intimidating to be known as “the healthy one” because, well, once in a great while I want to eat fast food! And when I get it, people make comments about how I’m “eating bad today”. Still, I brush them all off with a smile. Otherwise I would just go crazy. :)

  13. says

    Yay, I see you have that bread back in your life ;-) I swear by it. Yeah, occasionally check out people say something about my food. Especially because all I usually buy at costco is produce and water. And friends/roommates used to say things all the time. But I think they got used to it. Or I started eating less healthy things. Either one.

  14. says

    Oh constantly! My whole family thinks I’m odd and I think some of them think I think I’m “too good” for their junk food. I have never liked meat and I know that really irritated my parents. They didn’t want to come up with vegetarian options, so I’d basically get potatoes for dinner.

    People at the grocery store tend to look at my husband and I pretty funny as well. We have so many fruits and veggies and then random “bad” things and I can see the wheels turning in their heads. “so many fruits and veggies and then some ice cream and is that *gasp* a diet coke?”

  15. Ashley C says

    omg you have no idea. so many people say things to me when they see what I am buying (mostly fruit/veggies) and how healthy it is. Both sides of my family are always watching and asking about what I eat because I am a nutrition major and they literally said “if ashley eats it it must be healthy!” sometimes it makes me feel self conscious like I can’t eat anything unhealthy because they’ll judge me. I used to get upset but now I”m used to it

  16. Ashley C says

    Oh yeah and people are also always commenting on how much I eat because they are surprised I guess how much I can eat. But, like you, I’m a volume eater and have to eat a huge amount of low calorie things (like huge salads) to feel satisfied and full. I used to get upset because it isn’t nice to hear “wow you sure do eat a lot” but I don’t think people were trying to be mean.

  17. says

    I love to eat healthy, but my mom just doesn’t understand it. When I told her that she should switch from conventional bacon to uncured, she said, “But it’s not bacon anymore!” Her objection to buying organic? “I buy what tastes good.”

    Some days it feels like she’s just fighting my efforts for the fun of it… :(

    But you can’t keep a foodie down! I’ll keep eating right and (tactfully) encouraging her to eat right too.

  18. says

    The guys who check my receipt at Costco always say something about my cart because it is always all produce. And maybe a book.
    I sort of hate to admit, but I do judge people when I see their carts full of processed and unhealthy food. It’s more feeling sorry for them than judging – I just assume they don’t know any better.

  19. says

    One time, this lady at work called me “prissy” because I ordered a salad for our lunch meeting while everyone else was ordering pizza. What is ironic is that she is the “wellness program representative” for my department. How hypocritical is that? I don’t usually let things like this get to me, but calling “prissy” because I choose to eat healthy really got under my skin. All I basically said was, “I am definitely not prissy,” while thinking to myself, “I could totally take her in any physical test of strength or endurance and that is not prissy.”

  20. Lorin says

    My friend does NOT like healthy food at all. I want to be a dietician so naturally I like eating fruits and vegetables, but she makes comments about it. We both poke fun at eachother though, plus I’m so used to it that it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes, though, I would bring baby carrots or raw bell pepper to school and people would be like what the heck are you eating? Sometimes I get sick of explaining that I actually LIKE being healthy.

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