5K on the Fourth


Happy Fourth of July! I started my day with a local 5K in the City of Commerce. Since I ran 11 miles yesterday I was just doing this one for fun :) Susan and I ran together and took a walking break because she’s having Achilles issues. Before I left I had half a bagel and naner with PB. I wasn’t hungry, but I am usually super hungry the day after a long run and didn’t … [Read more...]

A Real Snack


I have admitted in the past that I have the worst habit of snacking. I snack mindlessly in the kitchen when I’m cooking, on the phone, thinking, hungry, full, bored… You get the idea.This afternoon I was feeling a little hungry so I decided to make a “real snack” of the things I was grazing. I combined fruit (banana, blubes, apple), greek yogurt, granola and almond butter for … [Read more...]