5K on the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!

I started my day with a local 5K in the City of Commerce. IMG 9747 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Since I ran 11 miles yesterday I was just doing this one for fun icon smile 5K on the Fourth Susan and I ran together and took a walking break because she’s having Achilles issues.IMG 9742 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Before I left I had half a bagel and naner with PB. I wasn’t hungry, but I am usually super hungry the day after a long run and didn’t want to be starving mid-run.IMG 9737 thumb 5K on the Fourth

After the race we partook in some oranges and H2O. IMG 9740 thumb 5K on the Fourth

This was my first race with a friend and I had fun! I think I let running stress me out too much sometimes. Susan and I are already planning another race together soon! I’ll talk more about it next week, but it’s BIG! IMG 9749 thumb 5K on the Fourth

As expected, I was HUNGRY after the race and rushed home to make pancakes. In in my p’cakes…IMG 9752 thumb 5K on the Fourth

  • 1/2c egg beaters
  • 1/2 oatmeal
  • 1Tb ww flour (add more or less to desired thickness)
  • baking powder, salt, cinnamon, stevia packet
  • chia seeds (sprinkled on while cooking because I forgot)

See, the chia seeds look like pepper. I guess I won’t be winning “Chef of the Year” award this time around. Darn, and I had my acceptance speech all written out… IMG 9754 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Topped with Almond Butter and Syrup icon smile 5K on the Fourth Oh my gosh! This breakfast was exactly what I was craving and so delicious.IMG 9756 thumb 5K on the Fourth

While I was cooking I ate one of the hard boiled eggs Ben made for breakfast. I steal his food too much, but this time it was yummy and necessary.IMG 9750 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Then, we headed to church with my parents and went to lunch afterwards. I wasn’t hungry since I had just ate (this NEVER happens), but partook in some chips and salad.IMG 9758 thumb 5K on the Fourth IMG 9759 thumb 5K on the Fourth

We went to El Pescador. There are a lot of these around and you can pretty much count on great food with anything you order.

Ben insisted that I take a picture of his amazing pescado (fish) dish. I tasted it and agree it was pretty delicious. He raved about it!IMG 9761 thumb 5K on the Fourth

He started with a shrimp soup. This was Ben’s first time at El Pescador and by his reaction, I’m sure we’ll be back.IMG 9757 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Matt (my little brother) reminded us we had to stop for fireworks. Check out his loot!IMG 9763 thumb 5K on the Fourth

Fireworks scare me, but I am glad they’re not illegal around here. Just be very very very careful!IMG 9764 thumb 5K on the Fourth

I am currently making my Flag Cake. I used the ol’ boxed cake mix and pumpkin trick. Just add a can of pumpkin to a box of cake (no oil or eggs needed) for a healthier dessert. *I also added 1/2 apple sauce and some water because it was way too dry. IMG 9765 thumb 5K on the Fourth


  1. andrea says

    question: do you wear your garmin with the face near your palm because it’s easier to look at or because that’s just what you prefer?

  2. says

    Your prerace breakfast is right up my alley, Glad you had a good time on your race. :)

    Also fireworks freak me out so I let the husband handle blowing stuff up. :) Happy 4th!!!

  3. says

    Running for fun is just needed sometimes. I love running 5k’s with friends just for fun. It really brings the joy back into running. Glad you are enjoying your 4th!!

  4. says

    Normally I’m not all that fascinated or curious about this kind of thing, but your post has shown me the error of my ways. My thanks to you for taking the time out of your day to write about something like this.

  5. s says

    good call on the funfetti pumpkin cake. i’m going to try that next time i have to make a cake for somewhere.

  6. says

    Ah! Ah! I remember El escador in uptown Whittier! So nice to see they are still around.

    Great race and great day with the family Monica. Welcome back to Socal.

  7. adriana says

    If you love El pescador, I highly suggest you try El Perihuete in the city of Paramount. THE BEST seafood ever, at incredible prices!

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