Fourth Recap

The Fourth of July ended up super crazy. I hope yours was good :)

First, I successfully made my flag cake! The pumpkin batch ended up failing and I had to start from scratch. That was frustrating, but I was not going to be stopped from making my dessert!IMG_9768

It was a hit! I love dishes that can double as dessert and a decoration! Festive and yummy!!IMG_9771

Of course I had a piece later that night! IMG_9776

We ended up going to my cousin’s house. She and her husband live in the house I grew up in about a mile away from my mom’s. I snacked on chips and veggies and dip while the food cooked.IMG_9772

I was looking forward to her potato salad all day! It’s funny, but my mom, cousin and aunts all make the exact same potato salad. You would never be able to tell who made it from the taste.IMG_9774

 Sad Story – We were running low on beer (the horror!) so Ben and I went on a beer run right around dusk. We were on our way back from the store and saw a kitten in the street. Ben told me to pull over (I was the DD last night). He ran to the cat and I watched him pick it up.

It looked dead from where I was, but he brought it to the car and it was meowing and meowing. Uh. It was the most painful thing to hear and I can only imagine how much pain he/she was in :( He had been hit by a car and his back legs seemed broken. He had also pooped on himself, but there was no visible blood on his head. We put him in a box we had in my car and brought him to my cousin’s.  IMG_9805

I am not sure how he/she is doing this morning, but I’ll check on him soon. Neither my cousin or myself can keep him, so we might have to take him to a shelter. We’ll see…

In other news, Pico Rivera (where my mom and cousin live) doesn’t mess around with fireworks. It seems like everyone around us has illegal fireworks and there is a 360 degree free fireworks show around my cousin’s house every year.

This doesn’t even do the “show” justice, because I was trying to watch the fireworks all around me as I was filming it. Remember, all of these fireworks are coming from people’s front yards…


We were all outside watching the show and wondering how much all these displays cost…IMG_9794

Ben LOVES Fireworks and is always impressed with this free/illegal/360 degree show! IMG_9778 Hope you’re fourth was great!


  1. says

    That’s so cool that you guys rescued the kitten. I hope she pulls through and finds a good home!

    Your cake looks awesome! Very patriotic and delicious!

  2. says

    so those are all your neighbors doing the fireworks? that is so cool! and awesome!

    so sad about the kitten though :( you are a great person for helping out.

    and that cake looks awesome. want to come be a cake maker for any future parties that i may have?

  3. says

    I love decorated cakes and any holiday themed dessert, really. They’re just so much fun!

    The kitten story is so sad. I would definitely take it to an animal rescue place as they would be able to give it medical care.

  4. says

    Yeah, the flag cake looks adorable. What did you make the cake with? I see colored sprinkles in it don’t I?

    Poor little kitten, I hope he can heal. I’d take him to a shelter!

  5. says

    Ugh, so sad about the kitty. :( Thank you for picking it up, even if you can’t keep it you did a great thing. I hope he’s ok!

    Also, your cake turned out beautiful! Good job!

  6. Grace says

    Don’t you think you should seek medical care for the kitty asap?? Please don’t just leave it and check in on it, take it to a vet and get their help.

  7. says

    Cool video! I was at my parents house over by Smith Park (Mines and Rosemead) where we had firework in the back yard and fireworks from the park. Not to mention the other illegals around!

    Hope the kitty made it….

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