Interview and Lunch Date


Today I had another interview and this time it was pretty close to where Ben works so we decided to meet up for lunch. We hit up a local Thai place we meant to try before we left CA, but never got the chance at the time. I love that they have decently priced lunch specials that come with soup, salad and rice.   I always ask for brown rice, but not many places have it. … [Read more...]

Looks Can Be Deceiving…


Looks can be deceiving... Remember that when you read this post because this bagel/smoothie breakfast doesn’t properly display the fact that this Green Monster is about a gallon’s worth of deliciousness :) Volume eating to the 1oth degree! While this looks like a bagel with cream cheese and jam, it’s really Laughing Cow and jam. I know, I live dangerously. The lack of … [Read more...]