Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Looks can be deceiving… Remember that when you read this post because this bagel/smoothie breakfast doesn’t properly display the fact that this Green Monster is about a gallon’s worth of deliciousness :)

Volume eating to the 1oth degree!


While this looks like a bagel with cream cheese and jam, it’s really Laughing Cow and jam. I know, I live dangerously.IMG_9809

The lack of looks can be deceiving too because there should be a picture of copious amounts of watermelon inserted here. Busted!

Lunch was a hot dog with carrots and bell pepper strips on the side. But this was actually a veggie dog full of imposter ingredients smooshed up to resemble a hot dog!IMG_9813

Pop Chips are pretty straight forward, so I guess looks aren’t deceiving in this case. Thanks for not sticking with the theme Pop Chips! Hey, you can’t win them all.IMG_9811

This may look like an ordinary bowl of cereal served up as a snack, but in reality it is my kryptonite and the cereal was able to lure me into refilling this bowl three times. Fail.IMG_9814

This dinner of green beans and veggie dogs looks like I am on a crash diet a health nut…IMG_9818

the reality is I only made my dinner “light” because I ate copious amounts of chips and avocado while waiting for Ben to come home for dinner.IMG_9819 Ben has been working longer hours at his new job and we’ve been eating dinner really late. This means I end up snacking a ton during my normal dinner and then still sitting down to eat with him. I think I’m going to start eating “dinner” solo around 6 or 7 and then eating a treat (which I do anyways) when he comes home to eat dinner.

I’m trying to find figure out a plan that allows us to sit down and talk, but doesn’t mean I’m eating more than I need to out of habit or “just because”.

And finally, this may look like a tongue depressor – but it is really the vehicle for tongue happiness = an ice cream bar :) IMG_9820

Kitty Update: Unfortunately, the kitty was not doing any better this morning and we had to take him to a local shelter and ask them to help him. The shelter is actually a really good one, where my family has adopted animals and gotten treatment for our animals in the past. They have a full vet office on the premises and we’re hoping he will still find a good home.

I feel really bad about not being able to do more, but I kinda don’t have a “real” job right now and already have a cat and a dog.


  1. Alyssa says

    My husband coaches football so during the season he often doesn’t get home until 8 or 9 at night. I usually just eat dinner at my normal time (there’s no way I could wait until 9pm!) and sit with him when he gets home. Although I like the idea of family dinners I have just come to accept that with all the stuff we have going on they are not going to happen every night. Good luck!

  2. says

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one OD’ing on watermelon these days.

    I’d probably go ahead and eat dinner at a “normal” time, too, and do the snack/dessert once Ben got home. It’s more about spending time together than actually eating the same meal at the same time, right?

    Hope your interview went well! Keep us posted!!

  3. says

    That green monster looks FANTASTIC! I wish I could make ones that were as creamy as that!

    I had to start eating dinner solo as well. When my husband was unemployed we ate at 5, but now he doesn’t even get home until 7! And I found myself doing the same extra snacking to wait for him. So instead, while he eats dinner I eat my nightly dessert (which I was already doing), we chat, and then we snuggle and catch up with our DVR.

  4. says

    That food looks good to me! I’m with you…if my normal food schedule gets off I start to snack and then ruin dinner. It’s really annoying!

  5. says

    Aw! Don’t feel bad Monica! Just think about all the good you did by rescuing him and taking him to a safe place. We can’t rescue all of the abandoned and neglected animals we see. He’s already way better off just by your kind actions.

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