I hate labels. I don’t want to be grouped in with anyone except other "Red-headed Mexicans named Monica Melinda Olivas". I am in my own group and would prefer not to be labeled into another. The only reason I call myself a “pescatarian” is to avoid having to answer questions about the lack of meat on my blog (or while dining with others). I don’t want to feel guilty or … [Read more...]

Scrambled Pasta


This afternoon I ate a PB&J Larabar with the fruit. I forgot and had to dig this out of the trash. Trash picker! Yes I am. I had been craving scrambled eggs all day, but it’s not something anyone else will eat for dinner usually. My mom “suggested” making pasta – and by suggested I mean “told me to make it”.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid eating some, so I just … [Read more...]