Scrambled Pasta

This afternoon I ate a PB&J Larabar with the fruit. I forgot and had to dig this out of the trash. Trash picker! Yes I am.IMG_9503

I had been craving scrambled eggs all day, but it’s not something anyone else will eat for dinner usually. My mom “suggested” making pasta – and by suggested I mean “told me to make it”.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid eating some, so I just had both.

Pasta and scrambled eggs mixed together…IMG_9501

It actually worked well and I loved it!


After dinner I had to hit up Wmart for cat food. It was then that I was reminded why I don’t go to Wmart – the lines at 8pm on a Tuesday (or any time for that matter)! I waited in line to buy cat food and gum for 20 minutes. No lie.

When I got home I immediately dug into my dessert for the night – greek yogurt and a Vitatop.


I have some big decisions to make and I need to sleep on it. I’ll see you all in the morning with booze news. Maybe both.


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    Your posts make me want to go out and buy Vitatops. Can’t wait to hear about the news. You know how to keep your readers in suspense. :)

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      I have a feeling I wasn’t very clear above … my guy wasn’t implying that he could MAKE the dish (he’s pretty culinary inept), but rather that he could get on board with a dish like that. He thought it looked yummy! Sorry if I offended you – I didn’t mean to!

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    Pasta and eggs? Wow, that’s a crazy combo! Was it really good? Our family’s favorite pasta is so good and healthy and it is made from Kamut Khorasan Wheat – I bet this along with eggs would be ultra ULTRA vitamins and minerals! Thanks – love your blog!

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