Give it a Tri?

Last week Iron Girl and Fitness Magazine put on a presentation with Nutrition and Training Tips for completing your first or fiftieth  Triathlon. irongirllogo thumb Give it a Tri?

They sent over a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and I want to share some of the information with you. I actually have never done a triathlon, but was super close in the past. In college I signed up with a female tri-training group, but had to bow out when finals came around icon sad Give it a Tri?

Well, in addition to the training information Iron Girl and Fitness Magazine are sending me two race entries – one for me and one for a friend. I slept on it and decided to go for it! (In reality I went back and forth “Yes” then “No” for a while before deciding to take a chance.)

This means in about a month and a half I will be completing my first triathlon in Lake Tahoe, CA! I am scared and nervous and having second thoughts. But, I feel like I should bite the bullet and “tri” it, so I am!

Luckily, my friend Susan agreed to do the race with me. She and I both admit that we don’t know how to ride a bike to save our lives, and basically do a glorified doggy paddle to swim. We are in trouble. So, I am currently putting together a quick and dirty triathlon training program for us. I’ll post it tomorrow.IMG 9747 thumb1 Give it a Tri?

Our goal is just to finish. Actually, my goal is to survive. Finishing would be nice too though.

In even better news, the companies have offered to send one reader and a friend free entry to one of the following triathlons:

Racine, WI – July 31st

Boulder, CO – August 28th

Lake Tahoe, CA – September 19th

Plus all this free loot:

 IronGirlloot thumb Give it a Tri? (photo courtesy of Savvy Julie)

In the loot bag:

  1. Iron Girl visor
  2. Swim goggles
  3. Athletic socks (1 pair)
  4. Runervals with Iron Girl DVD
  5. Bodycology  body wash
  6. Bodycology  body mist
  7. Dr Teal’s Peppermint Food Scrub
  8. Rohto Dry Eye eyedrops
  9. FlexPower pain relief cream
  10. Luna bar
  11. Luna protein bar

Are you game?

If so, please leave a comment on this post telling me which “Tri” you’d want to try!

Now for the helpful Tri info…

One of the most important aspects of triathlon training is Brick work outs.

“Brick” = Bricks refer to training for two events during the same workout (ex. swim & bike), with minimal or seamless transition from one to another, just as you would do in a race

Mary Christ Anderson from Fitness Magazine was on the call and had some great

Race Day Tips:

• 2-3 hours before your race, eat something with 0.9 grams of carbs per pound of body weight (Ex. a 140-pound woman, that’s 126 grams)
• 5 Minutes before the race, do four to six 30-second strides bursts. It’s a smart way to warm up your muscles versus doing static stretches before a race but that’s been found to actually decrease the power in muscles
• Within 30 minutes of your finish, refuel with chocolate milk. Research shows replenishing with protein and simple carbohydrates within 30 minutes after a workout or race is the best way to recover quickly

Chocolate milk after a work out? Sign me up!

There are eight Iron Girl Triathlon races left this year and three of them area already sold out! If you are thinking about doing a race sign up today as triathlons seem to be all the rage right now.

You can find out more about the Iron Girl events here.

Now friends, I am ridiculously second guessing my agreement to do a triathlon, so if you are on the fence at all, enter the contest and let fate decide if you should do it or not.

Leave a comment and let me know which race you’d do if chosen. I’ll send over your entry and loot!

Contest ends Thursday (7/8/10) at midnight PST. I will announce the winner by noon on Friday July 9th.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. says

    Considering how out of shape I am, I’ll have to pass on this one. :) Sounds like it’ll be a blast though, at least to try something like this. I read that there’s a 12-week training program. So three months! You’d better get started on your training right away! :)

  2. says

    I would love to tri and tri at some point in my life. I think the CA one would be amazing, just because I love CA and would jump at the chance to go back! :)

    Good luck girl. you are so going to kill this thing! :)

  3. says

    I really want to do a triathlon this year and the Lake Tahoe event would be the perfect time. My husband will be completing the Louisville (KY) IronMan at the end of August and has totally inspired me. I completed a sprint duathlon last month, but need to work on my swimming. Triathlon Swimming Made Easy by Terry Laughlin has been a great reference.

  4. says

    This is a great give away. I would love to enter, but seeing as how I’m signed up for a tri at the end of September and traveling during the beginning of Sept, I just can’t enter. Good luck on your tri! You can do it!!!

  5. says

    Wow! That has to be one of the greatest giveawayas I’ve seen in the blog world. I’ve never done a tri either but I’m so game! I guess Wisconsin is the closest to MD so I’ll go for that – it’s only a hop skip and a jump from Chicago too, another east coast city I’ve yet to visit. Besides, Wisconsin is pretty flat … right??? lol! Thanks for sharing!

  6. meredith says

    I am beginning med school in August and have spent the few weeks I’ve had of summer learning to bike and swim better! I’ve been a runner for a long time but needed to step it up with the other two, and I am just itching to complete my first tri. Running, swimming and biking are definitely going to be my only release when I’m out at school, so taking a weekend away to do the tri in Lake Tahoe would be absolutely amazing!

  7. Lindsey Guerrero says

    I would loooove to do the Boulder, CO tri! Beautiful scenery! I just finished my first full marathon which I never thought I would be able to do, so I figured a triathlon was the next step! I just purchased a bike to start training for my first tri but I too am VERY nervous about the swim!

  8. Clare says

    I would be so stoked to do the Tahoe Tri! I’ve always wanted to “tri” one – what a great giveaway! :)

  9. says

    I really wished I lived in the area, Boulder sounds AWESOME! The loot bag is out of control, how fabulous.

    I am actually, no lie, looking to sign up for a tri today with a girlfriend. I’m afraid I will wimp out, but this is JUST what I neded to stay motivated.

  10. Brie says

    I just completed my first marathon two months ago and it was amazing. I’m looking for a new challenge and would love to do the Lake Tahoe tri. I’m from Nor Cal and that would be too amazing to pass up!

  11. says

    i’d love to do a tri but i hate biking too much haha! although CO might be tempting enough to get over that hatred ;) good luck :)

  12. Rae says

    Lake Tahoe, baby!!! Awesome giveaway!!

    On the subject of your race, you will do just fine!! I would get a cheaper road bike if you dont have one already….go for a few rides, dont get any crazy add ons like clip in pedals….yet. Try to get in the open water a few times, comfortable swimming for 20-30 minutes at a time. Your fitness is amazing as a marathoner, its just getting used to the rest of the disciplines!! In 2005, I did my first sprint tri on a 50 dollar road bike and doggy paddled the swim…it was AWESOME and I got hooked…I am doing Ironman Lake Placid in a few weeks now!!

    If you have any tri questions, email me at, I would love to help any way I can! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  13. Jessica says

    Racine, WI is my hometown and their Tri is AWESOME. Granted, I have nothing to compare it to, but I recommend it to any readers that want to give it a shot!

  14. Cassidy says

    In the spirit of doing things that scare me, I’m entering this giveaway. I would love to do the Lake Tahoe tri, and get over my fear! Good luck to you with training and the race, I can’t wait to hear about your training and race!

  15. Kristin says

    Ooohh…what timing! I am currently in the “I just finished a big race and have no motivation to do anything” phase of training and it is driving me nuts! I have been debating between marathon training and triathalon training and this would help make the decision for me :) I have had my eye on the Boulder triathalon and this would seal the deal! Good luck on your tri…I will be interested to follow your progress :)

  16. Tina says

    I’d LOVE to attempt the Lake Tahoe tri for several reasons….first being that I had been so busy with school and life and mostly due to fear, I’ve never done any race before. Plus now that I’ve graduated, I have no excuses or time restraints since I don’t have a job and I’m just sitting on my butt all day searching for jobs. This would give me a I new motivation to get up and get a workout in since training would be necessary. Lastly, I’ve never been to Tahoe before although I live in the Bay Area and I’ve heard of how gorgeous it is a number of times :)

  17. says

    Ohhh – a triathlon would be just the thing I need to motivate me to lose this baby weight! Lake Tahoe is the closest to my southern Oregon homestead.

  18. Ashley C says

    Omg I would love to join you for the Lake Tahoe Tri! The main thing that holds me back from doing races/triathlons is the money :-( I have done one sprint tri before and it was my first race ever and I decided the week before that I was going to do it. I completed it with a mountain bike and doggy paddled to finish and have no shame! I had a blast!

  19. Valerie says

    Maybe I should say Racine because it’s the closest to where I live in Milwaukee. But Lake Tahoe sounds WAY more fun! I would choose that location for sure!

  20. ida says

    Lake Tahoe! it would be my 1st. I signed up for a sprint once, but chickened out. The swim seems so daunting, but I really want to try again- and that race is right around my b-day:)

  21. Claire says

    Oh man I would love to do the one in Racine – I’m already taking Friday the 30th off…perhaps this is fate??

  22. Emily H says

    Where’s the East Coast? Just kidding ;)

    A Tri would be an excellent excuse for me to visit the West Coast. I’d choose Lake Tahoe!

  23. says

    ok, if the random generator picks me, pick another! i would love to do the tahoe one but i have a 1/2 mary 2.5 weeks before hand and don’t have time to train! if only it were a month after that, then def! good luck monica, i’m sure you’ll do great!

  24. linds says

    I wouldlove to do the colorado tri. ive been basically “tri training” now for a couple of months since I ride a lot and run a lot as well as swim a bit. Plus august 28th is right befor emy fall semester starts and I have always wanted to go to colorado:)

  25. Lauren says

    I would love to “give it a tri”!!! I’ve actually been considering one for a couple of months. This would be an amazing opportunity!

    I would love to do the one in CA!!

  26. brandy says

    I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading your entries! You should DEFINITELY do a tri!!! I got into triathlons after running a few marathons and love them! The swimming was the hardest part, but with practice you can do it! It’s great cross training. :) And, doing a triathlon in Boulder would be AWESOME!!

  27. says

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